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Sea turtles have roamed the ocean for millions of years, and witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs.

These ancient mariners now face extinction – and one of the major causes is egg poaching.

In Costa Rica, a single beach on the Pacific coast, Ostional, has legalized the taking of sea turtle eggs. The eggs from Ostional are sold all over Costa Rica. The sale of eggs from this one tiny beach is fueling the illegal egg market all over the country.

The single biggest threat to sea turtles is egg poaching.

Sea Turtle Infographic

The critically endangered Eastern Pacific Leatherback only has approximately 1,000 nesting females remaining. Their population has crashed over 97% in just 30 years. At Las Baulas National Park, the number of nesting leatherbacks in 1988 was 1,504. In 2016, that number plummeted to a mere 22 nesting females.  The primary cause of the decline is people taking turtle eggs.

The sea turtle egg market must be abolished, and the sale of all sea turtle eggs banned.

Help us #stopthesale.

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