Whales Forever

An extremely short, but extraordinarily important service for the whales


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society purchased a former British seismic research ship in February 1994. The 774-ton, 187-foot vessel, the former Switzer Mercator.

The purchase of the ship was made possible largely by a contribution from Europaisches Tierhilfswerk, an animal protection organization based in Munich, Germany.

Sea Shepherd officially renamed the ship the M/Y Whales Forever and then re-registered the ship as a yacht under the flag of Belize.

The ship slept 42 crew and media representatives.

M/Y Whales Forever was powered by two 2,000 horse-power Mirlees Blackstone engines and a gill jet bowthruster. She had a range of 15,000 miles with an average daily fuel consumption of two tons per twenty-four hour period. In addition to her 200 tons of fuel capacity, the ship could take on 200 tons of water and had emergency fuel storage areas for an additional 60 tons.

The Whales Forever, unlike our traditional and intimidating black ships, wass painted with life-size whale and dolphin murals to reflect the purpose of the ship's mission and to display to the world at large what resides below the waves.  We felt that by exhibiting images of the world's endangered whales upon our ship, we allowed the world to see what is quickly disappearing from our oceans.

The M/Y Whales Forever was severely damaged in her engagement with the Norwegian Navy in July 1994, and the ship was sold in 1995, repairs being too expensive.


The area where the M/Y Whales Forever
made her courageous stand for the whales

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