In April of 2005, the Norwegians sent out 30 harpoon boats out to slaughter 797 minke whales.

Norway kills almost 800 minke whales each year

Norway's activities are in direct violation of the moratorium established by the International Whaling Association (IWC) in 1986 that prohibits commercial whaling activities.

This year, another violation was committed. Norway is allowing the hunts to take place without a government inspector aboard to monitor that the kills with explosive-tipped harpoons are humane.

The whale meat is consumed by Norwegians but the blubber is considered worthless. The Norwegian whaling association has destroyed hundreds of tons of stockpiled blubber. This year the whalers have been ordered to dump the fatty blubber back into the ocean.

Norway has engaged in illegal killing of whales since 1986. That is the year that the IWC invoked a global moratorium on commercial whaling.

Whereas Japan sneaks around pretending to kill whales for "scientific research," the Norwegians have blatantly defied the moratorium with commercial hunting. Like Japan, they have raised their own quotas year after year.

Unfortunately, the member nations of the IWC have refused to sanction Norway . The United States has refused to uphold the Packwood-Magnuson Act and the Pelly Amendment against Norway. As a result, Norway is now engaged in an illegal mass slaughter of these intelligent and social animals.

Sea Shepherd - Actions Defending the Whales of Norway

In 1992, our crew sank the pirate whaler Nybraena at dockside in the Lofoten Islands. In 1994, our crew scuttled the pirate whaler Senet in Southern Norway. In 1994, the Sea Shepherd ship Whales Forever disrupted the summer whale hunt and engaged in a confrontation with the Norwegian Navy. Despite being rammed, depth-charged and fired upon by the Naval vessel Andenes, the Whales Forever successfully avoided capture.

Close Encounters with the Norwegian Coast Guard

The Norwegian Coast Guard onboard the destroyer Andenes spent many hours trying to stop the Sea Shepherd crew on the Whales Forever from proceeding on their campaign to stop Norwegian illegal whaling. The Coast Guard tried many tactics including: trying to tangle a fouling rope in the Whales Forever propeller; firing shots across the WF's bow [notice the shot with smoke coming out in the first image]; sending out men in a Zodiac who dropped two depth charges under the WF; and after circling the ship countless times the Andenes turned in and rammed the WF in the bow.

The following pictures taken from the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel "Andenes" show the 400 foot goliath bearing down on the 175 foot Sea Shepherd vessel. The Coast Guard later tried to reverse blame and claimed that Sea Shepherd rammed them. This is laughable considering the much higher rate of speed that the Andenes was able to travel. The Norwegian government never filed formal charges.

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