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IWCInternational Whaling Commission

The International Whaling Commission(IWC) is an organization responsible for the conservation of the world's whales. In 1986 the commission voted for a complete ban on whaling. Ever since then countries like Japan have used loopholes to whale for so-called scientific research. Each year this commission gathers to decide on the future of the whales. This year there is more at stake then ever. Voices are raised to uplift the ban on commercial whaling and allow whaling, even in the Southern Whale Sanctuary. This week the Sunday Times revealed that Japan has been bribing poor countries to vote in Japan. For Sea Shepherd another reason to reject the IWC as a corrupt and irrelevant body that has lost all credibility.

Follow the 2010 meetings with our blogs direct from Agadir, Morocco.  The text and video blogs are different so be sure to both read and watch our reports from the meetings:

Text Blogs

Video Blogs


Sea Shepherd at AgadirSea Shepherd in Agadir Delegation  walking byDelegation walking by

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