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Operation Jairo 2015 Sea Turtle Defense Campaign

Sea Shepherd launches Operation Jairo, second-annual sea turtle anti-poaching campaign in Costa Rica, Honduras and Florida. Credits and special thanks: Film by Music by Kai-Anders Ryan Photos by Mélanie Chamo...

Sea Shepherd Captures Rare Footage of Elusive Vaquita During First Sighting since 2013

On April 18, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society captured rare footage of the elusive and endangered vaquita porpoise in the waters of Mexico’s Gulf of California, the small cetacean’s only home on Earth. The sighting marks the first time...

Strong Hearts, Iron Will – Sam Simon Crew Pays Tribute to the Late Sam Simon

The Crew of Sea Shepherd's M/V Sam Simon pays tribute to the late activist, philanthropist, great humanitarian and TV Executive Sam Simon, thanking him for the wonderful ship he provided for them to save marine life in Antarctica and around...

Sea Shepherd Does What Others Can't or Won't

Sea Shepherd. Who are we? What do we do? Sea Shepherd is not just an organization. It’s a global movement. Volunteer crews boldly go where others can’t or won’t. Here’s a look at some highlights of some of our recent campaigns to ...

Sea Shepherd's Operation Infinite Patience: The Cove Guardians expose Taiji

Melissa Sehgal and her Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian team highlight the daily atrocities that occur against much beloved, intelligent and social dolphins in Taiji, Japan for six months of each year....

Sea Shepherd Science – Biologist Jack Grove on Sea Shepherd and Preserving Galapagos Islands

Biologist Jack Grove has seen firsthand the devastation to the species living on Galapagos Islands. Natural resources are being depleted at alarming rates. Sea Shepherd aims to change that....

Operation Grindstop 2014: 14 Crew Arrested During Grind

During Operation Grindstop, Sea Shepherd was on constant patrol protecting Pilot Whales from brutal slaughter in the Faroe Islands. Only one grind was carried out during Sea Shepherd’s campaign, and our volunteers stood fast to the bitter...

Thank You Steve Wynn

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society would like to personally say thank you to Steve Wynn for allowing us to present our photo exhibit "Taiji Dolphins: The Truth Behind The Tarps" on September 19-21, 2014 at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas....

Martin Sheen Unveils Sea Shepherd’s Newest Vessel, R/V Martin Sheen, Named in his Honor

October 18, 2014 - Sea Shepherd unveils the new R/V Martin Sheen named for the award-winning actor, activist and Sea Shepherd supporter. Martin Sheen was on hand to help unveil and christen the vessel at a press conference in Marina del Rey...

Shannen Doherty reacts to dolphin slaughter in Taiji

September 20, 2014 - Taiji, Japan - Actress Shannen Doherty joins Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians at Taiji, Japan's infamous cove to bear witness to their brutal annual dolphin drive hunts. In this clip, she describes her reaction to seeing ...

Operation GrindStop 2014: Sea Shepherd Helps Pilot Whales Back Out to Sea

On Wednesday, July 30th, Sea Shepherd spotted and escorted a pod of pilot whales away from the Faroe Island shores. To help with Operation GrindStop 2014: To learn more visit: h...

Operation Toxic Gulf 2014 Campaign Update

Nearing the End, Operation Toxic Gulf campaign is 3/4 of the way through. Learn how the crew has been keeping busy and the exciting discoveries made thus far. To help support Operation Toxic Gulf:

Operation Grindstop 2014: Introducing the On-Shore Crew

On-shore volunteers Ellen and Maxime describe the roles of the Operation Grindstop on-shore team. Patrolling the beaches and looking out from the hills, our crew is vigilant and determined to ensure no pilot whales fall victim to a grind. ...

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Announces Operation GrindStop 2014

June 17, 2014 - Operation GrindStop 2014 Campaign Launch Press Conference in the Faroe Islands: Sea Shepherd Global's Director of Ship Operations Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd USA's Campaign Director Scott West, and Sea Shepherd F...

Operation Toxic Gulf 2014

Sea Shepherd & Ocean Alliance Set Sail on "Operation Toxic Gulf 2014"...

Operation GrindStop 2014

Operation GrindStop 2014 is underway! Join us for the largest land- and sea-based campaign in Sea Shepherd history! To help with Operation GrindStop 2014: To learn more visit: h...

From the Cove to Captivity Contest Winner - AnaGirlEmpath

From the Cove to Captivity Contest Runner Up - RenaudK

From the Cove to Captivity Contest - Megan Rose Taylor

I am currently studying Animal Management at college and have always been passionate about animal welfare. When I learnt what was happening in Taiji I was devastated and for a while felt ashamed to belong to the human race. That is until I ...

Guang Zhou Market

With global shark populations being driven towards extinction, this is not just a China issue, but a global issue and we are all responsible....

Real Men Don't Whale

Clive Standen, star of History Channel's "Vikings", speaks out against the continued barbaric slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands...

Dr. Godfrey Merlen on Scientific Whaling Versus Cultural Whaling

English Biologist Godfrey Merlen Weighs in on the differences between "Cultural" and "Scientific" Whaling...

I am a Cove Guardian

Taiji (太地町) Japan - Join the Cove Guardians from whereever you are. Take action to help stop the slaughter of innocent dolphins and whales. 日本語字幕 click [CC]...

The Importance of Passion Over Experience

Captain Watson explains what he looks for in a Sea Shepherd volunteer...

Sea Shepherd Galapagos documentary trailer

This trailer is for the upcoming Sea Shepherd film 'Sea Shepherd Galapagos' which documents the extensive work carried out by Sea Shepherd in protecting and defending the Galapagos Marine Reserve against illegal poaching. Music: "Falling I...

Earth as Planet Ocean

Captain Paul Watson explains why the oceans are the heart and foundation of all life on the planet....

Captain Watson Gives Speech at Sea Shepherd 35th Anniversary Event in Colorado

This inspiring speech was recorded just two days before Captain Watson was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany on politically motivated charges from Costa Rica. Learn more about his current situation and what you can do to help Sea Shepherd cont...

Dr. Sidney Holt on Japan's So Called "Research" Whaling

Dr. Sidney Holt-Founder of fisheries science and one of the most influential marine biologists of the 20th Century voices his support for Sea Shepherd Read more:

Dr. Louise Leakey on Conservation

Renowned scientist Dr. Louise Leakey discusses her support for Sea Shepherd and the need to protect marine wildlife. Read more:

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