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DIRTT logoDIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a generous corporate supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide.

DIRTT - "Doing It Right This Time" - refers to creating responsive, sustainable, and unique workspaces through DIRTTs Agile Architectural Solutions. Movable walls and access floors allow for complete self-expression and individual function providing a productive, long-term, flexible asset. DIRTT walls are pre-engineered, pre-manufactured, and horizontally support new and legacy furniture and storage. They virtually eliminate construction waste and any future renovation waste no demolition, dumping, procuring, and re-building. The results are dramatic and meaningful for the environment and the bottom line. 

Sea Shepherd officeOnshore staff at Sea Shepherd benefit everyday from DIRTT"s movable walls and architectural solutions. In 2008, DIRTT donated its products, design expertise, and installation services for the inside of the building that has become the new International Headquarters of Sea Shepherd in Friday Harbor, Washington, USA. The result was the creation of an inspired and professional work environment in which Sea Shepherd onshore staff and volunteers could focus daily on the task of saving marine wildlife. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, DIRTT has also sponsored two extremely successful fundraisers in this beautiful city which has the highest per capita amount of scuba divers in Canada.   DIRTT and its CEO Mogens Smed reached out to its corporate contacts in Calgary and CresaPartners and its Managing Principal, Gary Jones, and ELEMENT Integrated Workplace Solutions and its Managing Principal, Gary Hinton. They all joined DIRTT in supporting Sea Shepherd and in sponsoring the annual Calgary fundraisers. Sea Shepherd highly values the committed corporate support it receives from DIRTT, CresaPartners Calgary, and ELEMENT Integrated Workplace Solutions. These companies and their leaders are the at the forefront of their respective fields and at the forefront of providing corporate support to Sea Shepherd and its marine conservation mission.

Mogens Smed
Mogens Smed

As profiled in Alberta Venture magazine, DIRTT is amongst the ten fastest growing companies in the province of Alberta, Canada, and Mogens Smed is a maverick in his industry with an eye on the future. Sea Shepherd' Founder and President Captain Paul Watson has also been a maverick in the environmental nonprofit sector using innovative direct action tactics to defend ocean wildlife worldwide. Only a small percentage of society is not afraid to innovate, not afraid to lead the way on necessary change, and not afraid to stand together to protect the environment for future generations. Sea Shepherd's mission is critical to the future, our staff and volunteer crew are working as fast as possible to stem the tide of death and environmental destruction, lives are regularly put on the line to do this. Sea Shepherd is immensely grateful that visionary corporate leaders are taking the lead to stand with us, to provide financial support and to raise awareness, and to provide the institutional legitimacy that will lead to more corporate support.

Sea Shepherd, DIRTT, CresaPartners, and Element Integrated Workplace Solutions share a vision of a world where the oceans are sustainably clean and the marine wildlife that live in them will thrive into the future. This vision is the minimum owed to future generations across the globe.

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Sea Shepherd office    Sea Shepherd office

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Sea Shepherd office solutions donated by DIRTT



Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy


The Flag of the Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy

Many viewers of the Animal Planet TV series Whale Wars have asked what the purple and white flag is that we fly on the Steve Irwin.

The answer is that it is the one flag that we are most proud to have been given permission to fly: The flag of the Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy.

Back in 2007, the Japanese strategy was to threaten and bully any nation where a Sea Shepherd ship was registered to remove the flag. As a result we lost our Canadian registry on the Farley Mowat and our British Registry on the Robert

Letter of Support
Letter of Support
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Hunter. We were denied the registry of the Cayman Islands and our Belize registry lasted a mere 9 days until they buckled under Japanese pressure.

We were flagless and then the Mohawks at Kahnawake invited Captain Paul Watson to visit them to accept the flag of the Five Nation Iroquois Confederacy.

On June 18th, 2007, the Mohawk Traditional Council presented the flags and the registries for both the Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter to Captain Watson.

Unfortunately, most nations refuse to accept the registry. The Sea Shepherd ships were able to secure Dutch registry shortly thereafter.

But we regard our ships to be legally registered with the Dutch Registry and as honorary registered ships of the Mohawks.

Captain Paul Watson was also presented with a traditional Iroquois shirt made by and presented to him by the women of the longhouse up the hill of the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation.

Paul Watson Receiving the traditional shirt from CarolePaul Watson Receiving the traditional shirt from Carole

We have flown the Iroquois flag on Operation Migaloo and Operation Musashi and millions of people have seen it flying from our mast on Whale Wars.

This is a very great honor. The Sea Shepherd vessels are the first sea-faring ships to ever fly the symbol of the Five Nations Confederacy presented by the sovereign Mohawk Nation of Turtle Island.

We consider Kahnawake to be our spiritual home and we are honored to receive the blessings of the people of this great nation.

Five Nations Flag



The Dalai Lama

His Holiness
The Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama greets Paul Watson
A message from the Dalai Lama . . .