AloeVerasFinest is a distributor for Forever Living products.  Forever living distributes aloe vera products around the world, manufacturing and selling a large selection of beneficial health and wellness products. Each item is based on one of nature’s greatest gifts - aloe vera. Aloe vera is so versatile that it can be consumed or applied to promote good health and well-being.

None of our products are tested on animals at any stage of their production, and Forever Living does not contract with any laboratories that conduct animal testing. Many products in the range are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

AloeVerasFinest will be donating 20% of all sales to Sea Shepherd.

Bella Rue's Bath Shop

Bella Rue's Bath Shop

Bella Rue's Bath Shop offers handmade soaps and bath products that are natural, vegan, and palm-free. Ten percent of the proceeds for all purchases at Bella Rue's will be donated to Sea Shepherd.

Chameleon John

Chameleon John

Chameleon John is a popular USA product deals and online coupons website. We are honored to contribute to such dedicated organizations like Sea Shepherd and help them with their mission to protect marine life. We will donate 20% from all product deal purchases originating from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Marketplace page.

Coffee OrganicGo

Coffee OrganicGo

At Coffee OrganicGo, we pride ourselves in creating The First Organic Flavored Instant Coffee! Our coffee is made with 100% Arabica Colombian coffee, and 100% organic fruit. This fine coffee has been carefully selected and separately harvested. Our organic green beans are freeze-dried using a 100% natural method. We do not use harmful insecticides, pesticides, additives or artificial flavors.

Sit back, sip and savor that organic flavor.  Inspired by the everyday coffee drinker, you will immediately taste the rich bold flavor of pure 100% organic coffee without those harmful insecticides.  You will discover a truly great tasting coffee.

Experience our inventive beverage and you will see for yourself why Coffee Organic-Go is one of the most popular coffee beverages of all times.

Coffee OrganicGo will donate 5% of the sales of their organic flavored instant coffee to Sea Shepherd’s mission.

Copper Neily Creations

Copper Neily Creations Copper Neily Creations

Ryan Neily of Copper Neily Creations, has been working with copper for 28 years. He creates one of a kind art pieces using copper, recycled materials & gem stones.

Copper Neily Creations is donating $10.00 for each Pendant sold & $20.00 for each Suncatcher to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Each Pendant comes with a free bead & para cord. Size 1-1/4" W. x 1-1/2" L. green recycled glass. Suncatchers are also made with glass. He also creates custom Skulls but those are special orders which can take up to two weeks to complete. If interested in the Skulls, please email Ryan at



Ecotricity, of the United Kingdom, invests more per customer in building new green energy than all the other electricity suppliers put together. Ecotricity will donate £25 to Sea Shepherd for every person that signs up.

 Frog and Toad Creations

FROG and TOAD Créations

FROG and TOAD Créations was founded by French based designers of Amigurumi and Educational products. 50% of the proceeds from their specially designed Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Amigurumi pattern will be donated to our organization.

Hemp Hoodlamb

Hemp Works - Sea Shepherd HoodLamb Hoody!

Sea Shepherd HoodyHelp defend ocean wildlife worldwide by purchasing a Sea Shepherd Hoodlamb Hoody.  With every purchase a $6 dollar donation will be given to Sea Shepherd!  Hemp Works was established in 1993 and Hemp Hoodlamb is an in-house brand designed to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and demonstrate that a solution for sustainable production can be found in hemp and other environmentally friendly materials.


Kwela Leadership and Talent Management

Kwela Leadership and Talent Management is a Vancouver, Canada based consulting company that specializes in Leadership Development, Team Development, Talent Management and Leadership Training for businesses of all sizes.  Kwela donates 1% of its revenues -- irrespective of profits made -- to selected social and environmental causes including Sea Shepherd and its mission to defend ocean wildlife worldwide.  Clients direct these funds by letting us know which charity they would like to see their 1% donated to.  It

Nature Girl Designs

Nature Girl Designs - Defender Belt Buckle With Sea Shepherd Jolly Roger Design

Purchase a Defender belt buckle today and help defend ocean wildlife partner_Nature_Girl_Designs_Defender_Belt_Buckle_120worldwide. Nature Girl Designs belt buckles are hand-crafted in a barn studio in Connecticut.  Each belt buckle is unique, made with love, and designed to illuminate the soul.  Fair trade and ecological practices are followed in sourcing and production.  Nature Girl Designs will donate 50% of total sales of the Defender belt buckle to Sea Shepherd.

Ripsy Ripsy

Ripsy Ripsy

RipsyRipsy Designs consists of classy, fashionable, and timeless jewelry created to lavish your needs. Each of our pieces is hand-crafted with careful attention, styled to create a fine balance between aesthetics and durability. All women’s charm bracelets come with an authentic sterling silver RipsyRipsy charm!

You can now make a subtle or bold statement to express your desire to protect marine life. Wearing this beautiful bracelet alone will definitely get you compliments and give you opportunities to educate people on the importance of protecting our oceans and their inhabitants. We have created a special “Dolphin Collection” that has a variety of styles you can choose from. RipsyRipsy is donating 20% of proceeds from the “Dolphin Collection” to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.



Sparo is excited to help raise donations for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  Shop at Sparo merchants and they will donate on your behalf to the Sea Shepherd Conservation.  Simply go to and see all participating merchants.  Click on the Sparo logo on the merchant checkout page and select the Sea Shepherd Conservation.  Donations may vary between 4%-10% of your total purchase at no cost to you.  Shop now and help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with its efforts to preserve our oceans.

Wild Oats Gallery

Wild Oats Gallery by David Williams

Man Eating SharkDavid Williams is a self taught West Australian based Artist.Born to a family of sculptors & painters, his early years were spent living in a shack on the beach in NSW which later became ‘’The Shack’’ Gallery representing family & Artist friends in the area. Whale WavesDavid’s works explore the lighter, more humorous aspects of life, as well as the darker side of mankind’s relationship with Animals & the Planet.

50% of profits from the sale of two special prints, Man Eating Shark and Whale Waves are donated to Sea Shepherd.


Inclusion in the Sea Shepherd Marketplace program and listing on this site does not constitute an endorsement by Sea Shepherd of, and Sea Shepherd takes no responsibility for, the products or services offered by the member.  Sea Shepherd is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for public office.

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