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Canada November 29, 2008 -- - Canada

Anti-sealing group head dismisses federal lawsuit

OTTAWA - The head of the anti-sealing group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is shrugging off a statement of claim filed last week by the federal Fisheries Department against one of his vessels.The department wants to recover $487,000 in costs to maintain the Farley Mowat since it was seized last April during the annu ... read more

Canada April 17, 2008 -- Vancouver Sun - Canada

EU official criticizes Canada for blocking seal hunt observers

Canada fumbled its chance to prove once and for all that its critics are wrong in asserting that the seal hunt is cruel and inhumane, Europe's environment czar said Thursday. European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said the Canadian government, which complains that the EU is being manipulated by anti- ... read more

Canada April 17, 2008 -- - Canada

Who's the pirate?

A public-relations coup for animal-rights activists HIS ship flies a flag that looks suspiciously like the skull and crossbones. But Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an animal-welfare group known for its aggressive tactics, says it's the Canadian government that is guilty of piracy after a unit ... read more

Canada April 16, 2008 -- - Canada

Jailed sealing protesters to be deported back to Europe

Two European activists will be deported to their home countries Friday after being arrested earlier this week and jailed for allegedly getting too close to the seal hunt in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, one of the protesters said Wednesday. "I'm still a bit shocked by the whole sort of ordeal," said Peter Ham ... read more

Canada April 14, 2008 -- CBC News - Canada

Bail to be paid in 'doubloons' after coast guard 'pirate action'

The head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Paul Watson, is in Cape Breton to post bail — in toonies — for the skipper and first officer of the group's ship, the Farley Mowat. "I took out 5,000 $2 coins and that's what we're gonna pay the bail. They want cash, we'll give the ... read more

Canada April 14, 2008 -- Globe and Mail - Canada

Protesters vow to end seal hunt

The war of words over the seizure of the anti-sealing vessel Farley Mowat continued Monday, with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson vowing that the end is near for the Canadian seal hunt. Mr. Watson, who is in Sydney to bail two crew members out of jail, told CTV News that his team has footage of sea ... read more

United States April 3, 2008 -- Mother Jones - United States

Ice Blocking Canada's Seal Hunt

Good news. Thick ice is slowing sealing boats from reaching the baby harp seals in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, reports Planet Ark. Consequently, only three pups out of a quota of 275,000 were killed the first day. This after last year's "hunt" was affected by a lack of ice. The Canadian government has promised  ... read more

Canada April 1, 2008 -- The Toronto Star - Canada

Seal hunt controversy continues

Witness recalls frantic calls to icebreaker night seal hunters' ship capsized being towed The annual seal hunt that began in tragedy continued in controversy yesterday after an animal rights protest ship claimed a Coast Guard ship rammed it twice north of Cape Breton. The high-seas skirmish, which was hotly denied  ... read more

Canada March 31, 2008 -- - Canada

Activists, coast guard clash over seal hunt

Always a tense time in Atlantic Canada, this year's seal hunt has proved no exception, with a conservation group clashing with the Canadian Coast Guard in the Gulf of St. Lawrence just three days into the annual seal hunt. On Sunday, the coast guard icebreaker Des Groseilliers collided with the Farley Mowat, a ship ... read more

United States March 31, 2008 -- CNN - United States

Canadian vessel, conservation group ship collide

A coast guard icebreaker and a ship owned by an activist conservation group collided off Canada's east coast as tensions mounted over the country's annual seal hunt. A spokesman for Canada's federal fisheries department said Monday that the icebreaker was "grazed" twice Sunday by the Farley Mowat, a 177-foot  ... read more

Canada March 28, 2008 -- CBC News - Canada

Mind yourself at seal hunt, Canada warns Watson

Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn said he expects no problems, so long as Watson follows the rules. "From some of the experiences in the past, of course, we're not sure how far some of these people will push the limits," Hearn said . . .    more  ... read more

United Kingdom March 28, 2008 -- Daily Mail - United Kingdom

Environmental activists who thwarted Japan whale hunt to target annual seal cull

Environmental activists who thwarted Japan's whale hunt have promised to employ similar tactics to disrupt Canada's annual seal hunt, which began today. Paul Watson, the head of the Sea Shepherd Society, says he and other members of his group will document what they describe as the "perverse abomination&qu ... read more

Canada March 27, 2008 -- The Canadian Press - Canada

Sea Shepherd to oppose seal hunt in gulf after it starts Friday

Despite a stern warning from Ottawa to steer clear of Canadian waters, animal rights activist Paul Watson is vowing to head to the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence next week to oppose the annual seal hunt. Watson said Wednesday he and members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will sail into Canadian waters  ... read more

Canada March 21, 2008 -- - Canada

Anti-sealing vessel heading to East Coast hunt

For the first time since 2005, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is heading back to East Coast ice floes to monitor the annual seal hunt. The animal rights organization's ship, the Farley Mowat, will leave Bermuda for the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Monday with an international crew of volunteers, founder Paul Wats ... read more

Australia March 10, 2008 -- The Daily Telegraph - Australia

Anti-whale protesters save seals from culling in Canada

After returning to Australia, anti-whaling protesters on board the Sea Shepherd's Steve Irwin are leaving to head up to Canada to join global protests against the annual seal hunt. Canada has set a limit for its annual seal harvest this year of 275,000 harp seals, and announced new rules to make the slaughter less  ... read more


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