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Simon2nd Mate, Photographer and Boson of the Deck

Hails from: North Vancouver, Canada
Currently lives in: Sea Shepherd Vessel Brigitte Bardot
Favourite Place: Galapagos Islands
Favourite Things to Do: Scuba Diving, Photography, Conservation, Travelling, Music

What/who inspires you as an activist?

Arm chair warriors! It’s easy to say someone should be doing something about this, well I’m that someone. Paul Watson is my biggest inspiration; if one man can take a stand, imagine what a growing army of eco-warriors can do! I’m also big fan of Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Foundation

Favourite Shark(s) and why?

The Great White. I was a kid when I saw the movie Jaws, I always felt sad for ‘Bruce’, I had a fascination for something so big it could swallow you whole, so powerful and yet so misunderstood. Their eyes are not black and lifeless, but an aqua blue jewel that sparkles in the light, they have so much character. I have been lucky to live out a dream of being up close and personal with the Great White in Guadeloupe, Mexico.

If you could tell people one thing about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?

Get out there, dive the oceans, face your fears, sharks are not here to eat you! Embrace their beauty, love them, and love the oceans! Now go spread the word how you survived that amazing life changing encounter with a Hammerhead J

Why are you on this campaign? What do you want to achieve?

Sharks above all else are a passion for me, their grace, beauty, evolutions perfect predator beneath the waves, mans biggest prey. Lucky enough in all my years of diving to be close to so many species of shark and survived to tell the tale…go figure! I am on this campaign to try and bring an understanding and appreciation for a species that we know very little about but are quick to kill off in the millions. I want us to come away from this campaign with new agreements, Governments ready to protect their waters and us ready to assist anywhere we are needed. I want the everyday people to see why I love sharks, I want them to love sharks, to realise why they are so important in the grand scheme of life on this planet.

Tell us something surprising:

I have an Arab Morgan horse back home named TC which means Take Care! That says it all. Love horseback riding!

Short Bio:

Started out as a graphic artist working on such shows as BBC’s David Attenborough’s’ ‘Wildlife on One’ in the UK, a career in film and TV for fifteen years, from graphic artist to studio and entertainment camera to visual FX.

An avid diver since '97 and a PADI Instructor for three years to date with an eye for underwater photography.

Involved with Sea Shepherd for five years now, the last 2.5 years I have been on campaign six times as a photographer/deckhand. As of April 2011 I became the Ships Manager for Sea Shepherd vessel Brigitte Bardot.