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ReneQuarter master, deck hand

Hails from: Barcelona, Spain
Currently lives in: Cabra del Santo Cristo near Granada
Favorite Place: Granada
Favorite Things to do: Trekking, climbing,writing poetry, painting enjoy the nature and friends and be with the family

What/who inspires you as an activist?

Seas, mountains, wind, trees, animals, people… inspires me as an activist

Favorite Shark(s) and why?

I like every single shark, their teeth, jaws…because they are maravellous maravillas

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?

The oceans and sharks can make you very happy. They make you laugh and feel all right.

Why are you on this campaign? What do you want to achieve?

Because I feel good trying to help nature life and I would like to let people know that be involved with nature is good for everybody

Tell us something surprising:

Tres tristes tigres comen trigo en un trigal

Short Bio:

I was born in Barcelona (Barcelona es bona si la bossa sona). But most my life I have lived in Arenys de Mar up north the coast of Barcelona. I enjoyed my childhood playing football(soccer), studying in the school with my friends. I visited my family in Andalusia every summer and sometimes my family from Denmark.

We moved to Andorra when I was a tennager for four years. After that I came back to Barcelona, then Australia, then Granada, then seasheperd, then … we will see!

I am extrovert, adventurous, and optimistic person. Sometimes negative and `cabeza cuadrada`