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Pia Klemp

Deckhand, Quarter master


Hails from: Bonn, Germany
Currently lives in: between Indonesia and the SSCS ships
Favorite Place: 25 degrees around the equator, 40 meters below the surface
Favorite Things to Do: diving, traveling

What/who inspires you as an activist?

It’s more the things that don’t happen and the things that people don’t do that make me do what I do.

Favorite Shark(s) and why?

Thresher shark, Great white shark, Basking shark. Beauty, efficiency, duration.

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?

As a biologist I would tell them that the oceans are our biggest and most fragile eco systems, sharks playing an important role being the apex predators. Forcing or even allowing this eco system to collapse is a suicide command.

As a diver I would tell them that there is no place on earth that can match with the almost hypnotizing beauty of the oceans and no sight that equals the elegance of the effortless efficiency a swimming shark displays.

As a human being I would ask them to get out of their comfort zone and to stop the idiotic and short-sighted destruction of our planet.

Why are you on this campaign? What do you want to achieve?

I want to raise awareness about the horrible state of our oceans, the tragic decline of shark populations. I want people to understand that we need a healthy sea to survive. I hope that this campaign brings us together with governments; establishing shark sanctuaries and allowing us to patrol and protect their waters. The oceans been the source of life since the very first time bacteria crawled around.  It’s payback time: we can’t let our oceans die.

The question can’t be “why are you doing this?” the question is “how can one not be doing this?”

Tell us something surprising

More people die by falling vending machines each year than by shark attacks. This doesn’t just shine another light on the killer image we gave the shark, but as well on the human believe in homo sapiens being what the name suggests.

Short Bio:

I learned very early to respect and love nature. Instead of getting house arrest my mum sent me to play in the forests and rivers. Later I studied biology. The complexity and beauty of life, plant or animal, deeply fascinates me. I worked as a dive instructor around some of the most amazing reefs, loving the ocean more with every dive.  At the same time it became evident to me how pollution is destroying the underwater habitats, how many marine species are endangered, how blinded by greed we are: fishing, trawling, killing until extinction, how much coral is dying and how little is happening to stop this mass destruction. The more I’ve seen and learned the greater my urge to protect the seas became. After some conservation projects in Germany, Thailand and Indonesia I joined the SSCS ships at the beginning of this year.