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Photo Gallery

View the latest images from the campaign, as well as shark and shark finning images in general.

Operation Requiem - Campaign Recap

Images highlighting the best moments with the crew, our outreach and education efforts, and interaction with wildlife in the ocean.

Vanuatu children
Photo: Carolina A Castro / Sea Shepherd



Shark Angels on Shark Finning

Images from the Shark Angels – from swimming with sharks to outreach to shark fishing.

Shark Angel Julie Andersen with dead raggedtooth shark caught in net. Photo: Paul Wildman,




Images from various photographers chronicling the issues facing sharks.

Shark Angel & Sea Shepherd Julie Andersen swims with tiger shark. Photo: Eric Cheng,



Gary Stokes on Shark Finning

Images from photographer and Sea Shepherd Hong Kong’s Gary Stokes.

Shark fins for sale in a warehouse in Hong Kong. Photo by Gary Stokes



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