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Leon Brown



Hails from: Western Australia
Currently lives in: Perth
Favorite Place: My favorite so far would have to be highway 14/17 leading into Hoi An, Vietnam
Favourite Things to Do: Getting away from cities, playing guitar and pretty much anything to do with the oceans

What/who inspires you as an activist?

Anyone doing something that they believe in that has a positive effect on world around them and the creatures that inhabit it.

Favorite Shark(s) and why?

I like all sharks, there are way too many to choose just one.

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?

That every little thing we do and consume has a massive effect on the environment around us, be aware of where the products that we consume are sourced and how they are produced to try and make positive choices

Why are you on this campaign? What do you want to achieve?

I came on this campaign to try and give something back to the environment and animals that I love.

Tell us something surprising

I have a Mullet and I like it.

Short Bio:

During my childhood I learnt about the importance of sustainable living from my parents and how our actions impact the planet. For the last seven years I’ve been working as a boilermaker welder in heavy construction and mining projects in Australia. I started to get disillusioned with the damaging effects of the industry and the lengths companies go to, to cover the destructive nature of their greed and instead wanted to use my skills for something more positive.