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Guiding Principles

It is easy to get upset by the issue. And it is also easy to become condemning, argumentative, or insulted by those who don't realize what harm they are causing. And it is also easy to be absolute. But, we believe that approach won't get us very far. So we have identified a few core principles to follow.

In Operation Requiem, we will:

  1. Address the issues from a positive, balanced perspective.
  2. Ensure cultural sensitivities – and be responsible and respectful.
  3. Work collaboratively with governments, agencies, and NGOs
  4. Understand the balance necessary and achieve conservation thru collaboration of multiple interests.
  5. Be accurate, factual, thoughtful, and reasonable.
  6. Educate and build awareness rather than condemn. Work with – not against.
  7. Unite the passion of many to make a difference, and work together with others. We are a common voice.
  8. Present solutions and provide alternatives – empowering local ownership and action.
  9. Provide very meaningful ways to act locally to make a difference – from education to enforcement.

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