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BrianChief Engineer

Hails from: Syracuse, NY
Currently lives in: M/Y Steve Irwin or M/V Brigitte Bardot
Favorite Place: Antarctica
Favorite Things to Do: Listen to music, drink coffee and save animals

What/who inspires you as an activist?

I am inspired by the animals and environments I work to protect.

Favorite Shark(s) and why?

It would be very difficult to choose only one shark species as my favourite as they are all extremely magnificent but misunderstood.  They are all desperately in need of protection due to humans unjustified fear and greed.

If you could tell people one thing about about sharks and/or the oceans, what would it be?

Our oceans belong to all of us so it is our duty to protect and preserve them!  Take action NOW before it is too late!

Why are you on this campaign? What do you want to achieve?

I am a dedicated activist and this campaign is another step in the protection of our marine ecosystems.  I would like the outcome of this campaign to result in more active and aggressive patrolling and prosecution of poachers in marine reserves.

Tell us something surprising:

Although I love saving marine animals and working on ships I don't like swimming.

Short Bio:

I grew up and went to school in a town called Weedsport, NY where I learned to respect and protect nature.  This led to a short college career studying conservation, but that was taking too long and I need to take action now.  So I started looking for groups that I wanted to work for and that led me to Sea Shepherd.  I joined the Steve Irwin in August 2009 and have been working with Sea Shepherd since.  I have participated in Operation Waltzing Matilda, Operation Divine Wind, Operation No Compromise, Operation Ferocious Isles and now Operation Requiem.