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July 13, 2012

Swapping Crew to Save the Seas

By Julie, Campaign leader

The Pacific Voyagers and Sea Shepherd have forged a partnership based upon a shared mission: thru art, culture, community and grassroots movements, we can positively celebrate the oceans, share our stories and work together to protect our blue planet.

And now, three voyagers ­ one from Vanuatu and two from Fiji - have joined us on the Brigitte Bardot for the next several weeks and two of our crew have joined the Fijian Vaka, the Uto ni Yalo to even further our cultural and conservation exchange. We can’t wait to hear about the amazing ideas that come from this exchange as well as the good work the crews do together spreading the message ­ one planet, one ocean, one cause.

We came to the South Pacific wanting to listen, learn and collaborate. With 120 new ambassadors, teachers and guides, we are doing just that.