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July 10, 2012

A Spiritual Journey into the Solomons

By Simon, Second Mate of the Brigitte Bardot

Photo: SimonPhoto: SimonSomething has opened up in me, Xavier Rudd’s heart wrenching ‘Spirit Bird’ in my head and heart, as we set forth to islands of the South Pacific. I am on a journey of self -discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

From the beauty of watching the traditional Vaka vessels arrive at sunrise carrying the nations of the South Pacific, to the war canoes racing into shore with a hundred men singing their hearts out in native tongue, to understand, you just had to listen. Raw and powerful!

The crews of the Vakas bound together by a single message, from different nations, brothers and sisters on an incredible two-year journey. The connection to the oceans, one love for nature, to save what we have before it's too late. It is truly an inspirational journey, one that has gripped me since our arrival here in the Solomon Islands.

I am more than inspired. These are truly beautiful people. I don’t have much faith in the human race, yet I find my heart in my mouth, meeting and talking to people of the South Pacific. They have nothing, but everything, and I look at the first world where we have everything, but nothing. They come with an amazing smile, an open heart and a happiness that cannot be derived from the possessions we chase in the Western world.

With all that I have been a part of in the last ten days, we came here with our own message and objectives, a true meeting of minds has grown, new friends made. We may have come with a different approach, yet I feel like I have grown with a new understanding, a different way of thinking on how to approach the dire problem of our dying oceans.

There is a beautiful message here in these people. The people of the South Pacific need to keep and preserve what is theirs for the generations to come, to take it back from the greed and short-term gain that threatens to destroy it all. And we are here to help them, with a new approach based upon collaboration and understanding.

One world, one love.

Photo: SimonPhoto: Simon

Photo: SimonPhoto: Simon