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Australia February 21, 2009 -- ABC News - Australia

Greens slam 'outrageous' raid on whaling ship

Greens Leader Bob Brown says a raid on the Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling ship by the Australian Federal Police was outrageous behaviour. The Steve Irwin remains in Hobart after it was boarded by AFP officers late on Friday at the request of Japanese authorities. The ship's captain Paul Watson says officers took ... read more

Australia February 11, 2009 -- The Mercury - Australia

Whaling war win claimed

THE Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin is returning to Hobart after withdrawing from its watch on Japan's whaling fleet. It is hailing its protest operation a success, saying it located the Japanese whaling fleet earlier than in the past and physically prevented whalers from killing whales over 27 days. The Sea Shepherd ... read more

Australia February 10, 2009 -- Canberra Times - Australia

Anti-whalers vow to return more forcefully

Anti-whaling activists have vowed to fight Japanese whalers with a bigger, faster and more powerful ship next hunting season. Protesters from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have backed away from their intense clash with whaling vessels in the Southern Ocean, but say they'll return next year with a longer ran ... read more

United Kingdom February 10, 2009 -- Wildlife Extra - United Kingdom

Sea Shepherd leaves Antarctica

The Sea Shepherd ship the Steve Irwin and her crew have withdrawn from the Japanese whaling fleet to begin preparations to return with a faster and longer range ship."I have said always said that we would do everything we can short of hurting people to end illegal whaling in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary," sa ... read more

United States February 9, 2009 -- Los Angeles Times - United States

Whale war subsides as Sea Shepherd leaves Japanese fleet, heads home

It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it? The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's effort to harass and minimize Japan's whale hunt in the Antarctic has come to an end, as the activists have exhausted their fuel and drained their resources. But it was an entertaining month-long, two-part episode. Tales of hurling rotten bu ... read more

South Africa February 9, 2009 -- News24 - South Africa

Whale activists end showdown

Animal rights activists said on Monday they were ending their harassment of Japanese whalers in the Antarctic for the season, warning that a person could get killed if the confrontation escalated. Japan has been stepping up international pressure to try to rein in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which has vowed  ... read more

United States February 6, 2009 -- Associated Press - United States

Ships collide in Antarctic whaling clash

A group of radical anti-whaling activists said they were pelted with bloody chunks of whale meat and blubber after their boat collided Friday with a Japanese whaling vessel in a dramatic Antarctic Ocean clash Japan condemned as "unforgivable." It was the second battle this week between the whalers and their f ... read more

Australia February 6, 2009 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

There she blows

JAPAN'S whaling fleet is said to have mounted a co-ordinated attack on Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activists, threatening to disable their ship in Antarctica's Ross Sea. The Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, said the 8000-tonne factory ship Nissin Maru repeatedly tried to ram his vessel Steve Irwin, and three har ... read more

Japan February 3, 2009 -- The Japan Times - Japan

Protesters, whalers fight over use of illegal weapons

The hardline antiwhaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on Monday accused Japanese whalers of using illegal weapons systems to repel its vessel as it pursues the fleet in the Antarctic Ocean. An official at the fishery agency in Tokyo immediately denied the allegation, saying the whaling ships are not equipped ... read more

Qatar February 2, 2009 -- Aljazeera - Qatar

Activists clash with Japan whalers

Two environmental activists have been injured in clashes with Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says. The group said in a statement that one person was cut and bruised after being knocked over by a high pressure blast of water while the other was hit in the face by a metal ob ... read more

United Kingdom February 2, 2009 -- The Telegraph - United Kingdom

Japanese whalers accused of 'military-grade' weapons againt protesters

Japan's whaling authorities have denied claims by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that whalers have used "military-grade" concussion grenades, acoustic weapons and solid brass and lead balls against the environmental group. Japanese whalers accused of 'military-grade' weapons again ... read more

Philippines February 1, 2009 -- Inquirer.net - Philippines

Japan's whalers 'on the run' again

Japan's whaling fleet is once more on the run in Antarctic waters after being tracked down by ship-borne environmental activists, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said Sunday. The group's ship the "Steve Irwin" found the whalers after searching through fog and rough weather for nearly a week afte ... read more

United States February 1, 2009 -- Voice of America - United States

Anti-Whaling Group Says it Has Located Japanese Fleet

The anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says its chase ship has located Japan's whaling fleet near Antarctica and is in pursuit.In a statement Sunday, the U.S.-based group said that after a week of searching their vessel was 11 kilometers from the Japanese mothership Nisshin Maru and two harpoon vessel ... read more

United States February 1, 2009 -- Reuters - United States

Anti-whaling group says closing in on Japan fleet

A U.S.-based hardline anti-whaling group, seeking to disrupt Japanese whaling near Antarctica, said it had spotted the fleet and was closing in on it, raising the risk of a confrontation. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, blamed for collisions with the Japanese fleet in recent years, said three ships had been spot ... read more

United States January 27, 2009 -- The Los Angeles Times - United States

Whale hunt update: IWC to consider easing ban to reduce Japan's annual kill

News item: The International Whaling Commission is considering easing its ban on commercial whaling to allow Japan to hunt whales off its coast — if Japan promises to kill fewer whales in the Antarctic. Reaction: What the IWC ought to do is keep the ban in place and tighten the loophole that allows Japan to hunt  ... read more

Cuba January 22, 2009 -- Prensa Latina - Cuba

Australia Against Whales' Slaughter

Canberra, Jan 22 (Prensa Latina) Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, assured today he will keep on with the diplomatic pressures on Japan to try to compelthat country to abandon controversial whale-hunting in Antarctic waters. In a press conference, Rudd pointed out that his government is involved in a diplomatic  ... read more

Australia January 17, 2009 -- The Australian - Australia

Hundreds welcome Sea Shepherd to land

HUNDREDS of people have flocked to Hobart docks to welcome the anti-whaling vessel Steve Irwin, which is in port to refuel before heading back to the Southern Ocean to pursue the Japanese whalers. Greens leader Bob Brown said there was an outpouring of support from local people when the vessel arrived on Saturday after ... read more

United States January 17, 2009 -- Reuters - United States

Anti-whaling ship in Australia, plans return to Antarctica

Anti-whaling activists seeking to disrupt Japanese whaling around Antarctica said Saturday their ship had docked in Tasmania and should head back to the Southern Ocean next week. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society temporarily called off its operations earlier this month after its flagship the "Steve Irwin" ... read more

Australia January 16, 2009 -- The Age - Australia

Whaling ship faces delays in Indonesia

Indonesia has become involved in the dispute over Antarctic whaling as authorities delay the repair of a Japanese ship to decide whether it should be allowed into dry dock. The whalers are having to make do without one of three catcher ships, Yushin Maru No. 2, reducing the fleet's killing power for much of the pol ... read more

United States January 15, 2009 -- The Los Angeles Times - United States

Japanese whaling fleet endures rising tide of opposition

Could it be karma, bad luck, or merely unfortunate circumstances that have victimized the Japanese whaling fleet in the Antarctic region? The three-vessel fleet, which has been hounded relentlessly by a crew aboard a Sea Shepherd Society ship, has already lost a crewman, who fell overboard and is presumed drowned. More ... read more

Australia January 15, 2009 -- The Age - Australia

Garrett should meet Sea Shepherd: Greens

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has been urged to personally meet an anti-whaling ship when it arrives in Hobart to refuel on Saturday. The Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin has suspended its pursuit of Japanese whalers through Antarctic waters in order to refuel. It is due to dock at noon (AEDT) on Saturday a ... read more

Australia January 12, 2009 -- The Age - Australia

Japanese whalers 'fear Aussie arrest'

Japanese whalers sent a damaged vessel thousands of kilometres to be repaired in Indonesia because they feared arrest if they landed in Australia, an anti-whaling group says. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said one of Japan's three main harpoon vessels, the Yushin Maru No.2, was damaged around December 20. S ... read more

Australia January 8, 2009 -- Canberra Times - Australia

Japan snubbed over anti-whaling ship

Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard says there is no reason to ban an anti-whaling ship from docking at an Australian port. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Steve Irwin has suspended its chase of a Japanese whaling fleet in Antarctic waters and is heading towards Hobart to refuel. Japan plans to ask Australia ... read more

New Zealand January 7, 2009 -- Stuff - New Zealand

Captain rejects Japanese harassment claims

The captain of an anti-whaling ship, which offered to help search for a Japanese whaling ship's missing crewman, rejects claims he continued to harass the whalers during the search. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ship Steve Irwin has been pursuing Japanese whaling ship Kyoshin Maru No 2 in an attempt t ... read more

Australia January 7, 2009 -- The Age - Australia

Whaling foes clash over missing sailor

Anti-whaling activists deny they obstructed the search for a missing Japanese crewman feared drowned in freezing Antarctic waters. The man fell overboard from the Japanese whaling fleet on Monday. Japan's Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) accused the Sea Shepherd vessel, which has been chasing the whalers for we ... read more

Australia January 6, 2009 -- The West Australian - Australia

Japan wants Australia to reject whaling protesters' port calls

Anti-whaling activists yesterday dared the Federal Government to ban them from docking at an Australian port to refuel after Environment Minister Peter Garrett would not dismiss a call from the Japan Whaling Association to veto their entry. Steve Irwin captain and Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson said yesterday he had  ... read more

Australia December 30, 2008 -- The Daily Telegraph - Australia

Whalers chased off killing zone by Sea Shepherd

MILITANT environmental campaigners say they have prevented Japanese whalers harpooning any of the giant sea mammals for nine days by engaging in a high-seas pursuit over 1000 nautical miles. Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vessel, Steve Irwin, says his crew chased the whalers through ice,  ... read more

Australia December 23, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Whalers 'sighted in Antarctica'

AN ANTI-WHALING group says it has proof the Japanese whaling fleet has been operating in the historic heart of Australian Antarctica, Commonwealth Bay. The Sea Shepherd group's leader, Paul Watson, said a helicopter found the factory ship Nisshin Maru in the bay shortly before he first engaged the fleet at the week ... read more

Australia December 20, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Anti-whaling ship surprises Japanese fleet

JAPAN'S Antarctic whaling season faces the prospect of severe disruption, with the discovery of the fleet by the hardline anti-whaling activists of Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd said it surprised the whalers yesterday offshore from the Australian Antarctic Territory south of Tasmania, only days after both arrived in t ... read more

Australia December 20, 2008 -- Reuters - Australia

Hardline environmentalists pursue Japan's whalers

A hardline environmentalist group chasing Japanese whalers near Antarctica said on Saturday it would do its utmost to disrupt the hunt although bad weather had thwarted a stink bomb attack on one vessel.Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, told Reuters by telephone that the group's ship, the S ... read more

Australia December 20, 2008 -- Perth Now - Australia

Sea Shepherd ship 'butter-bombs' Japanese whalers

THIS season's ''whale wars'' have erupted again with an Australian ship intercepting Japanese hunters and attacking them with rotten butter bombs. The crew of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship, the Steve Irwin, intercepted a Japanese whaling fleet in Australian waters about 8am yesterday mo ... read more

Australia December 20, 2008 -- The West Australian - Australia

Sea Shepherd chasing whalers in Australian waters

In icy waters and foggy conditions anti-whaling vessel Steve Irwin located the Japanese whaling fleet in Australian Antarctic territorial waters late yesterday. The anti-whaling vessel and its crew of volunteers located the harpoon whaling ship Yushin Maru and attempted to surprise it with the launch of foul smelling b ... read more

Australia December 10, 2008 -- The Mercury - Australia

Anti-whalers set to fight

ANTI-whaling activist Paul Watson sets sail from Hobart tonight vowing to sink the Japanese whaling fleet _ economically. Speaking dockside in Hobart today, the head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society accused the federal government of abandoning the cause and engaging in the pretty harassment of him and fellow ac ... read more

Australia December 6, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Sea Shepherd set for anti-whaling battle

The only protest vessel set to disrupt Japan's annual whale hunt in Antarctic waters has arrived in Newcastle, with crew expecting an even tougher confrontation than last year. Stopping for fuel and oil, Canadian captain Paul Watson said the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's vessel, the Steve Irwin, would hea ... read more

Japan December 5, 2008 -- The Japan Times - Japan

Sea Shepherd, Hannah set off to find, hassle whaling fleet

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's flagship vessel departed Thursday from Brisbane with Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah on board for the hardline antiwhaling group's annual campaign to disrupt Japanese whalers in the Antarctic Ocean. Hannah, who starred in the 1980s films "Blade Runner" and " ... read more

United States December 3, 2008 -- Associated Press - United States

Activists vows to protect whales from Japanese

A radical conservationist said Wednesday he will not shy away from violent confrontation with Japanese whalers, even though his group will be alone in tracking this season's hunt in the remote, ice-strewn Antarctic Ocean. Environmentalists Greenpeace and the Australian government have ruled out sending ships to shadow  ... read more

Australia December 2, 2008 -- Brisbane Times - Australia

Conservationists tip whale of a fight

Anti-whaling campaigners say they are bracing for their most violent confrontation yet as the Japanese whaling fleet gets set to begin its annual harvest of the southern ocean. Sailing out of Brisbane tomorrow will be the Steve Irwin, the flagship of the only international protest group to attempt to interrupt the Japa ... read more

United States November 22, 2008 -- The New York Times - United States

In Battle Against Whaling, Groups Split on Strategy

Quietly, without the usual bon voyage fanfare and Buddhist blessings, a Japanese whaling ship set sail this week on its yearly hunt for the great whales of the Southern Ocean. If the hunting is good, the ship, Nisshin Maru, will haul in more than 1,000 whales. Meanwhile, at the Rivergate Marina in Brisbane, Australia, ... read more

United States November 13, 2008 -- International Herald Tribune - United States

Japan: No change to upcoming whaling in Antarctic

Japan has no plans to scale down its upcoming whale hunt in the Antarctic Ocean despite protests from abroad and slumping demand for whale meat at home, an official said Thursday. Japan's whaling fleet, which is set to leave for its annual hunt within days, will catch up to 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales as pl ... read more

Australia November 13, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Anti-whaling head blasts govt efforts

The founder of the Sea Shepherd Society has criticised the Rudd government as being weaker than the previous Liberal government when it comes to Japanese whalers. Captain Paul Watson arrived in Brisbane from Washington as the Sea Shepherd prepares its flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin, to intercept Japanese whaling boat ... read more

United Kingdom November 11, 2008 -- Reuters - United Kingdom

Australia unlikely to monitor Japanese whaling

Australia's government is unlikely to send ships to monitor Japanese whaling in the Antarctic this season, lawmakers said Tuesday, after clashes with activists last year led to a diplomatic protest from Tokyo. Canberra last year sent a customs and fisheries icebreaker to shadow anti-whaling activists and the Japane ... read more

Australia November 5, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Activists vow to pursue Japanese whalers

An anti-whaling group has vowed to go it alone in the battle to prevent Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean this season. The pledge by Sea Shepherd comes after Greenpeace announced it would not be chasing a Japanese fleet when the whaling season begins shortly. Greenpeace has said its top priority was defending two  ... read more

United States September 5, 2008 -- Boston Herald - United States

'Whale' of a tale: Ship's crew goes to extreme lengths to protect species in 'Wars'

A ragtag band of eco-warriors headlines the most exciting unscripted series of the year. In Animal Planet's "Whale Wars" (debuting Friday at 9 p.m.), volunteers from around the globe risk their lives in Antarctica to stop Japanese whaling. Their methods include stink bombs virulent enough to drive rival c ... read more

Australia August 19, 2008 -- The Age - Australia

Whale activists vow to fight Japan

Animal rights activists vowed no let-up in their campaign to stop Japan's whaling as reports on Tuesday said Tokyo was seeking further arrests overseas of people who obstructed a hunt. "We will not be deterred, we will not retreat and we will never surrender the lives of these defenceless whales to the outlaw  ... read more


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