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Operation Musashi-related News Releases and Editorials by Sea Shepherd:

To read articles as reported by the media (published in newspapers, magazines, and online) about Sea Shepherd and our Antarctic Whale Defense campaign please visit In the News.

Sea Shepherd News

Commentary & Editorial


Sea Shepherd News

13 Apr 09 Three Hundred and Five Whales Saved by Operation Musashi

12 Mar 09 Moderates Harpooned and Sinking At IWC Meeting in Rome

23 Feb 09 Tasmania Welcomes the Return of the Steve Irwin to Hobart

23 Feb 09 Greens Welcome Steve Irwin's Safe Return to Hobart

20 Feb 09 Australian Federal Police Seize Whale War Videos

16 Feb 09 The Australian Senate Condemns Japanese Violence

11 Feb 09 Sea Shepherd Response to Institute for Cetacean Research

08 Feb 09 Sea Shepherd Returns from the Whale Wars

08 Feb 09 Sea Shepherd Responds to the Media Release from the Institute for Cetacean Research

06 Feb 09 Sea Shepherd Crew Remain On Guard Behind the Nisshin Maru

06 Feb 09 Steve Irwin Suffers Second Collision with the Japanese Fleet

05 Feb 09 Showdown on the Killing Grounds

05 Feb 09 Confrontation in the Ross Sea Becoming Increasingly Dangerous

05 Feb 09 Whaling Opponents Collide at Sea

05 Feb 09 Death in the Ross Sea - Whale Killed by the Japanese Whalers

04 Feb 09 The Battle for the Whales Turns Ugly in the Ross Sea

03 Feb 09 The Whale War Continues as Japan Rejects Appeasement Offer

03 Feb 09 Japanese Whalers Playing Dangerous Games in the Ross Sea

02 Feb 09 Sea Shepherd Response to Accusations from Japanese Whalers

01 Feb 09 Update from the Steve Irwin

01 Feb 09 Whalers Violently Defend Their Illegal Whaling Operations

31 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Relocates the Japanese Whaling Fleet

22 Jan 09 Where in the World is the Yushin Maru #2

21 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Returns to the Southern Ocean for the Whales

20 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Campaign Appeal: Operation Musashi

20 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Urges Australia to Take Legal Action against Japanese Whalers

15 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Invites Environment Minister Peter Garrett to Visit the Steve Irwin

15 Jan 09 A Great Victory for the Whales in Indonesia

13 Jan 09 The War for the Whales Erupts in Indonesia

12 Jan 09 Japanese Harpooner Feels the Heat in East Java

09 Jan 09 Japanese Harpoon Vessel Forced North for Repairs

07 Jan 09 Japanese Anti-boarding Measures Revealed

07 Jan 09 Japanese Whalers Sacrifice Honour in Attempt to Demonize Sea Shepherd

06 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Joins Search for Missing Japanese Whaler

05 Jan 09 Meet the Save the Whale "Terrorists"

04 Jan 09 Will Peter Garrett Ban the Steve Irwin from Oz?

03 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd Responds to Japanese Whaling Industry Propaganda

02 Jan 09 Sea Shepherd to Return to Land to Refuel

30 Dec 08 Japan Contemptuously Dismisses Australian Concerns for the Whales

27 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Drives Japanese Whalers Out of Australia's Waters

26 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Clashes With Whaling Fleet in Australian Waters

23 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Struggles to Free Ship from Heavy Ice Conditions

21 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Battles Monster Seas and Dangerous Ice Conditions in Pursuit of the Japanese Whaling Fleet

19 Dec 08 Japanese Whaling Fleet Is On the Run

19 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Finds and Engages the Japanese Whaling Fleet!!!!

07 Dec 08 A Brief and Pleasant Stop in Newcastle

07 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd is Undeterred by Japanese Threats

04 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Crew Heading South to Defend the Whales

28 Nov 08 Australian Senate Wants Immediate Action on Whaling

21 Nov 08 Captain Paul Watson Responds to Greenpeace Quotes in International Herald Tribune

21 Nov 08 Japanese Defenses on Whaling Are Cracking

17 Nov 08 Japanese whale killers have left for the Whale Sanctuary

04 Nov 08 Greenpeace Surrenders to the Japanese Whaling Fleet

31 Oct 08 Japanese Whaling Supply Ship Found Guilty of Conservation Violations

26 Oct 08 Japan May Resort to Gunboat Diplomacy in Antarctic Waters

17 Oct 08 Sea Shepherd Prepares to Take on Japanese Whalers Alone This Year

18 Aug 08 Operation Musashi Heats Up Over Antarctic Whaling

10 Aug 08 Whaling Under Attack in Japan by Former Japanese Whalers



Commentary & Editorial

22 Feb 09 A Whale of a Kangaroo Court

21 Feb 09 Guest Commentary: Peter Garrett lacks power and the passion

18 Feb 09 What is Greenpeace Thinking?

17 Feb 09 Captain Paul Watson on Whale Wars

09 Feb 09 A Kiwi Corporate Whore in the Land of the Rising Sun

08 Feb 09 United Press International Report- Asia, with Comments by Captain Paul Watson

03 Feb 09 Whalers Doing Crazy Joes Across the Ross Sea In Defence of a Savage Industry

02 Feb 09 The Battle for the Whales in the Ross Sea

01 Feb 09 Hunting the Hunters at the Bottom of the World

28 Jan 09 Is Kevin Rudd the Neville Chamberlain of Conservation?

26 Jan 09 Taking on the Goliaths of Doom and The Contradictions of International Conservation Law

14 Jan 09 The Whale War of Words

05 Jan 09 The Death of a Whaler

29 Dec 08 We Pirates Speak for the Whales

29 Dec 08 The Whalers are a Bunch of Arrogant Lying Wankers

28 Dec 08 Cold Case in Cold Waters

27 Dec 08 Sea Shepherd Gives the Whalers a Gift that Keeps on Stinking

24 Dec 08 Christmas Message from the Captain of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin

08 Dec 08 A Letter from Captain Paul Watson from the Tasman Sea

02 Dec 08 Risky Business At the Bottom of the World

20 Nov 08 Peter Garrett's Year of Living Hypocritically

19 Nov 08 The Politics of Pretending to Save the Whales

14 Nov 08 Fighting an Economic Goliath in the Southern Oceans

06 Nov 08 Whalers Fearful of Television Spot Lighting Their Crimes

05 Nov 08 It Appears that Greenpeace Has Become Yellowpeace

21 Oct 08 Will Humpbacks Be Targets for Japanese Harpoons this Year?

22 Aug 08 Former Australian Environment Minister Questions Japanese Motives

21 Aug 08 The Mouse that Roared Sea Shepherd Vs the Empire of the Rising Sun

21 Aug 08 Propaganda Wars Under the Rising Sun

12 Aug 08 Operation Musashi Q and A with Captain Paul Watson

21 Jul 08 Operation Musashi - The Entirely Possible Impossible Mission



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