February 4, 2009

Getting Closer

Nicola (4th Cook)

blog_090122_NicolaIt was quiet on the ship last night - people are trying to catch up on sleep and preparing for action.  We are amongst the ice and I saw the first iceberg of this trip to the Antarctic yesterday. It seems surreal to be unexcited by icebergs.  Yes, they are stunning; some of them are like ancient frosted glaciers with caves carved out by constant water pressure, the type of locale you could imagine the White Witch from Narnia feeling comfortable in. Icebergs I will continue to be in awe of but after being amongst the heavy ice earlier in the campaign- well the first iceberg seems more like an overdue landmark. Letting us know we are getting close to where we want to be.  And I hope we are!

Once we are down this far south we can start to deploy the helicopter in search patterns to seek out the fleet. This means the deck team is constantly on standby to prepare for boat launches.  I myself am an adopted part time "deckie", although I still made breakfast and lunch today - the joys of multi tasking!

We had a Haiku competition on board. I am yet waiting to hear if my haiku won. But here is one I forgot to submit - dedicated to the boat crews:

Crazy pitching seas

Small boat launch in big weather

That's just how we roll.

On that note of genius I will leave you to reflect in my wondrous poetic talent and await calls from literary agents whilst I hand wash my thermal underwear!


The whales are counting on us for protection . . .
We are counting on you to keep us fighting for them.



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