January 16, 2009

Indonesia Sends Whalers Packing

by Jeff (Quartermaster) Australian Director

blog_081220_JeffToday, the Indonesian forestry authorities, CITES authorities, and the local government officials have demanded PT PAL dismiss the Yushin Maru No. 2 from Surabaya harbor without repair.

The harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No.2 had to leave the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to repair a damaged propeller it sustained while illegally whaling within Australian territorial waters in late December 2008.

The ship has been sitting in port in Surabaya waiting for repairs since the 5th January 2009.

Under the EPBC Act, Australian law prohibits foreign whaling vessels entering Australian ports or an external Territory if the Master of the vessel does not have permission from the Australian Environment Minister. This is detailed in Section 236 of the Australian Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Under this Act a foreign whaling vessel means a vessel, other than an Australian vessel, designed, equipped or used for killing, taking, treating or carrying cetaceans; or supporting the operations of a vessel or vessels designed, equipped or used for killing, taking, treating or carrying cetaceans.

The Indonesian authorities took great diligence in researching Australia's stand on these vessels and acted accordingly. They've supported Australia's notion that whales are highly intelligent creatures that play a vital role in sustaining healthy marine ecosystems.

The question has to be asked:

If a foreign country to Australia will enforce Australian law and kick these illegal poachers out of their ports, why is it that the Rudd government refuses to enforce the Australian Federal Court Ruling?

The Japanese whalers are once again illegally whaling within Australian waters in violation of a global moratorium on whaling.

While highly intelligent, endangered, and social beings are being slaughtered in the Antarctic whale sanctuary, the Rudd government is still talking diplomacy.

As the harpoon is fired smack into the back of one of the last endangered gentle giants on this rare and beautiful planet, will the Rudd government still be uttering that ill fated word "diplomacy"?

The Australian people voted for the Rudd government on a pre-election promise to stop Japanese whaling in Australian waters.

The whales are dying and time is running out.

There is blood on your hands, Kevin Rudd!

The time to act is now!

Enforce the law, Kevin Rudd, and protect the Australian Whale Sanctuary-- send these illegal poachers back to Japan!


The whales are counting on us for protection . . .
We are counting on you to keep us fighting for them.



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