December 29, 2008

Confronting the Kaiko Maru in the Fog

by Jeff (Quartermaster) Australian Director

blog_081220_JeffArriving back at the bridge after dinner, I noticed something on the radar that warranted first mate Peter Brown's attention. There was a long trail coming off of an object in a direction not in unison with the ice bergs. Acquiring the target we had its speed, course and heading and a call was made to Captain Paul Watson to plan the potential attack.

As the target moved in, it appeared as though it was going to pass within a mile between us and an ice berg in the thick fog.

With visibility severely restricted, a vessel less than a mile away and a heavy ice field, Captain Watson took the helm once more to guide his band of whale defenders towards a suspect poaching vessel.

All crew were ready, in position and eagerly waiting to spot one of the ruthless whaling fleet; however it was Quartermaster Emily Hunter, daughter of the late Robert Hunter, who made the call. On the bow of the Irwin through binoculars, Emily did her father proud as in and out of dense fog she made out the white hull of the target with that bone chilling word along its side "RESEARCH."

"It's definitely one of the fleet, it's the spotter vessel, the Kaiko Maru," Emily said.

In one week we have encountered two illegal Japanese whaling vessels deep inside Australian territory waters. Sea Shepherd has the whaling fleet on the run, running them out of Australian waters in defense of the gentle giants. Peter Garrett does not need any more evidence to take these illegal poachers to the international courts. The time for false promises and talk is over Mr. Garrett; it's long overdue time to act!


The whales are counting on us for protection . . .
We are counting on you to keep us fighting for them.



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