Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog from the Engine Room

By David (Engineer)

blog_090124_DavidWe are underway the second time this season to find and stop the criminal whaling fleet from Japan.  This is my third Antarctic whaling campaign with the Sea Shepherds and I hope it will be my last.  Putting up with the rough seas and time away from loved ones takes its toll on us volunteers.

We can't just walk off the ship and go to the nearest pub for a beer, or to the nearest park for a dose of terrestrial wilderness.  We are stuck in this noisy metal box for the next several weeks.  Of course, it's nothing compared to what the Minke and Fin whales have to endure.

Our purpose and the vast ocean wilderness keep us going.  We've seen a number of sea birds including the Albatross which seems to hover without beating its wings.  They fly around the ship, perhaps hoping to find discarded food scraps.  Maybe the Albatross thinks we are a fishing vessel and is waiting for the discarded portion of the catch.  Who knows?

Our engine room watch has been uneventful and routine.  I hope it stays that way and that no unforeseen damages to the engine change that.