Sea Shepherd Essays


Ocean Realm Magazine

Against the Current

This is a series of articles written by Captain Paul Watson on issues pertaining to the protection of marine wildlife from overexploitation. His articles appear here by permission of Ocean Realm magazine.

Autumn 2001

The Plastic Sea

Summer 2001

Lessons From Jessica:
It's Time to Get Serious About Oil Spills

Spring 2001

The Aquatic Ape

Summer 2000

The Ferocious Isles
"Something is rotten in the State of Denmark"
Hamlet. Act 1. Scene IV

Spring 2000

To Vote or Not to Vote: That is the Question

Winter 2000

The Laws of Nemo

Autumn 1999

Seals, Cod, and the Canadian Government

Summer 1999

The Cult of Whale and Dolphin Celebrity

Autumn 1997

The Paragon of Animals:
Reflections on the Human Perception of Intelligence

Winter 1996

Gentle Shepherds of the Sea Ice