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Meet the Crew of the Steve Irwin

Bastien Boudoire

(Deckhand) I'm with Sea Shepherd because they actively defend the wildlife of the sea. I spent two years sailing tall ships, and don't like seeing all these beautiful things around me being destroyed forever. I applied to crew two years ago and wrote every month until they finally accepted me. I joined the ship from my home in Toulon (the south of France) in June, after the Blue Rage campaign. I'm a deck hand which means that I work all day on duties and chores. Talking to people about the state of the seas is a rewarding experience for me. As a Sea Shepherd, I hope to effectively save whales in the Antarctic campaign and continue to save animals, and inspire others to follow.


Brian Race

(Engineer) I applied in 2008 and I indicated that I was willing to go anywhere, anytime. I left my home of Syracuse, New York, and  joined crew when the ship dry-docked for repairs in Brisbane after colliding with the Japanese fleet, and I've been onboard ever since. Initially, I was a deckhand, but having experience as a diesel mechanic I transferred mid-campaign to the engine room and have been an engineer ever since. I am here to do my part, to help protect the oceans. It was rewarding last campaign that the whaling fleet missed their quota by half, but unfortunately they still killed over 500 whales. I'd love to see the entire whaling operation shut down, as well as decreasing commercial fishing and in increasing global ocean stewardship.


Catherine Mansart

(Quartermaster) I'm Belgian but I live in Barcelona, Spain. I learned about Sea Shepherd through a friend. It is the direct action tactics of Sea Shepherd that appeal to me, because the time for diplomatic conversation has passed. We need action. I came aboard in Barcelona as a quartermaster. That means I work on the bridge, as the assistant of the officer in charge. I work shifts from 0400 till 0800 and from 1600 till 2000. This is called a “watch”: We look at the horizon, monitor radars, and communicate via the radio. I steer the ship making sure navigational rules are followed and collision is avoided. I hope that this year’s Antarctic campaign will be the most successful one so far and ultimately shut down the whaling program.


Eva Carolina Hidalgo

(Quartermaster) I'm here for the same reason that I chose to study biology at university. I believe there is a lot unknown that we don't value, we are blind. We need to improve understanding and protect all beings because they have so much to teach us. We need to listen and stop destroying habitats and species for profit before it’s too late. We are approaching the point of no return. I volunteered onshore in Barcelona, where I live, before joining the crew as a deckhand. I enjoyed the crossing from BCN to Fremantle. Seeing little flying fish to a pod of sperm whales reminded me of why I am here. The crew shares the belief that together we have the strength to change things not just in the ocean fight, but in all animal rights. I will do my best to achieve our goal and protect wildlife, to show the world that you can make a difference not just on a ship, but at home by small actions. Clean up the closest beach, recycle, and take care of the world around you.  You don't have to go to Antarctica to make a difference!


Luz Rivas

(Cook) My father is Chilean and my mother is Swedish. I grew up in Southern Sweden. Years ago, I saw a documentary featuring Paul Watson. I never imagined I'd join the crew on the ship, but I was intrigued. This was the first organization I'd heard of that focuses on saving marine wildlife in this way. For me it was very impressive and new. I'm chief cook on the Steve Irwin and work together with Raffaella. We share different cooking ideas, which allows us to provide great variety in the meals we prepare. Cooking for me is very important because veganism is a very simple way to help our planet. I want people to open up their eyes and understand that our planet our future our friends are hurting. Doing this work gives me hope and inner peace that I'm doing something that counts.


Rafaella Tolicetti

(Cook) I first heard about SSCS through the band To Kill who made an EP for SSCS. I joined the crew just after the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Defense Campaign. I'm French/Italian and have always been interested in animal rights and environmental issues. I applied eight months ago, and I've been cook on the Steve Irwin since July. My day begins at 0630 to prepare breakfast. I work hard to insure that meals are served promptly for the hard-working and hungry crew: lunch is served at 1200 and dinner at 1800. All the food we cook is vegan. I look forward to the rewarding experience involved in stopping whaling stopped permanently.


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