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March 1, 2011

From the High Seas - Megan Jolley

From the High Seas Megan JolleyDeckhand, Steve Irwin It's a great feeling being back onboard the Steve Irwin, being with familiar friends and faces, making new friends, and settling back into the routine of deckhand. Having our daily routine of maintenance, boat training, cleaning, etc. is great as we work like a well oiled machine, increasing trust in each other, and working great together so when it comes to deploying the small boats, we are ready, and it all goes very smoothly, and safely, which is extremely important especially ... Read More

February 28, 2011

A Final Reflection from the Bob Barker’s Vegan Galley - Merilee Nyland

A Final Reflection from the Bob Barker's Vegan Galley Merilee NylandChief Cook, the Bob Barker The Bob Barker is heading home! Towards Hobart. Towards supporters. Towards friends. Towards family. To the end of whaling!!! I am thankful for a successful campaign. I look forward to returning home proud and valiant--yet humbled by three months at sea. This is the longest a Sea Shepherd ship has been at sea without restocking—creating quite the challenge for the galley. What we left port with is all we have had to sustain us thro ... Read More

February 27, 2011

Nothing Extreme About Compassion and Action - Sara Keltie

Nothing Extreme About Compassion and Action Sara KeltieDeckhand, Bob Barker Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "The world is in need of creative extremists." When I read that earlier this year, it was the first time I have ever observed the word 'extremists' being used in a positive tone. So when did the word come to hold such negative connotations? It appears that once the mass majority of people stopped caring enough about issues to take direct action themselves, that laziness and apathy became the norm, and thus suddenly enthusias ... Read More

February 26, 2011

The Girl’s Cabin, aka the Hen-Den - Fiona McCuaig

The Girl's Cabin, aka the Hen-Den Fiona McCuaigQuartermaster/Rescue Swimmer, Bob Barker The morning alarm sounds and I fumble around to try and find it somewhere hidden between the many layers of my Antarctic bedding. This particular morning, I can’t find it. After a minute of frustration, I pop my head over the side of the bunk to see if I’ve stirred any of the other girls in the cabin. “Sorry,” I whisper. I can’t see a thing - it’s pitch black in the 'Hen-Den,' not a shred of light penetrates t ... Read More

February 22, 2011

The Highs and Lows of being at Sea - Grant Meikle

The Highs and Lows of being at Sea Grant MeikleEngineer We are currently heading due north out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, I feel very proud to be part of what has been our most successful campaign ever. Knowing the Japanese whaling fleet has retreated and is also heading home, has made the personal sacrifices we all make as crew all worthwhile. For me the campaign started in Hobart, and has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster with the highs being stopping the Yusshin Maru No. 3 dead in the water, finding the N ... Read More

February 18, 2011

Across Antarctica - Andrea Gordon

Across Antarctica Andrea Gordon Ship Manager, Bob Barker Our epic journey eastward circumnavigating half of Antarctica came to an abrupt end this morning when the Nisshin Maru turned around and began heading due west. We were almost at the Drake Passage, which would have taken us around South America. I'm amazed at the distance the whalers have traveled in an attempt to lose us - halfway around Antarctica, and now back again. Now, our monumental chase continues westward. This journey across Antarctica through the Amundsen Sea ... Read More

February 18, 2011

My Road to the Southern Ocean - Jeffrey Milstein

My Road to the Southern Ocean Jeffrey MilsteinSecurity Officer, Steve Irwin I was raised on a historic non-working farm surrounded by trees, wildlife, and cornfields and from a very young age my parents instilled a love for nature and all creatures in me. Some of my fondest memories as a little child were when me and my father rescued a fox from a trap in the woods, and when I helped raise some bunnies who lost their mother for long enough until I was able to set them free and they could survive on their own. I even remember spend ... Read More

February 17, 2011

Expressionism at Sea - Howie Cooke

Expressionism at Sea Howie CookeQuartermaster, Steve Irwin Apart from being a Quartermaster and sometimes-deckie on the Steve Irwin, I have also, in being a painter, fallen into the role of ship's artist doing sign writing jobs as needed (Chad too), decorating the ship's logbook and producing a daily cartoon for the crew's notice board. Cartooning is a fun way of depicting ship life and the cruel stupidity of whaling through the eyes of the crew, animals, icebergs, and the ship’s basil plant, Basileco. It is an honor to be ... Read More

February 16, 2011

Infinite Blue - Georgie Dicks

Infinite Blue Georgie DicksQuartermaster, Steve Irwin The Steve is rolling and pitching in an infinite sea alongside albatrosses gliding effortlessly totally at home in their pelagic wanderings across the vast and unpredictable Southern Ocean. Our ship accommodates a vast array of people from all backgrounds and nationalities who all share the same lust for the ocean and an ardent connection to its residents. I feel honored to be a Sea Shepherd crewmember and have dreamed of this for years. I have had a passion for the ocean for a ... Read More

February 16, 2011

At First Glance - Sara Keltie

At First Glance Sara KeltieDeckhand, Bob Barker The quest to find the Cetacean Death Star started for me six months ago when I packed my life into the one bag I brought with me to the Bob Barker in Hobart. It was months of de-rusting, painting, welding, and dresses being replaced by ripped jeans and dirty old Sea Shepherd shirts, grease covered faces and dry, cracked hands before we set sail in early December. From there on I thought it would be easy. All we had to do was sail into the Southern Ocean and basically bump into the wha ... Read More

Feb 14, 2011 - Pit Stop - James Brook
Feb 10, 2011 - Signing Off - Doug O'Neil
Dec 26, 2010 - Boxing Day - Simon Ager


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