Operation No Compromise
Gojira Crew

Meet the Crew of the Gojira

Lockhard Maclean

(Captain) When Paul Watson called me down to his cabin and asked me to take command of  the Steve Irwin at the end of Operation Waltzing Matilda, I had no idea that ten months later the ship would have completed a circumnavigation and that we would be preparing three ships for another Southern Ocean campaign. I feel honoured at the trust and responsibility that I have been given, and feel privileged to be a part of this dynamic and efficient organization.

As a long-time volunteer (since 2000), I feel that maintaining a small grassroots direct-action approach is what makes us vibrant and versatile, and this would not be possible without the passionate people that keep the ships and land based operations afloat. I became interested in  ecology at university and have been at sea for 11 years now



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