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Meet the crew of the Bob Barker

Andrea Gordon

Growing up in Atlanta, my passion for protecting animals first began on land.  While working with Sea Shepherd in 2005 to save baby harp seals, I developed a profound desire to preserve marine life.

Driven by a desire to save lives, whether whales, seals, or humans, I am devoted to helping others.  Besides working with Sea Shepherd, I saved lives in a different capacity: in the courtroom.  I spent four years as a public defender in New York City providing help to those who could not afford a lawyer.

I returned full-time to Sea Shepherd in 2009 to continue protecting life on Earth – from the Galapagos Islands to the whales in Antarctica.   I believe that everyone can make this planet a better place every day!


Ben Potts

I'm sick to death of living in a society which is so engrossed in the trivial and obsessed with the individual, that in its quest for unlimited wealth and convenience is sacrificing the future of not only its own children but of all life on this planet. We are not separate from the natural world. We don't own the land, the animals, plants or other people. Life is not a commodity. When we murder, rape, poison and pillage our planet we do so to ourselves. Time is short for those facing extinction, and I implore you to stop what you are doing and act in the defense of the planet.


Benjamin Jahnel

Growing up in such an amazing place as the Galapagos Islands, it can be difficult to realize the bad state our oceans are in today. Luckily, I had the chance to travel from a young age.  Traveling made me realize that places likely as splendorous and unique as my home islands, were plundered for profit and greed by my own species. I decided to do Vsomething about it, but it wasn’t until 2007 that I started working with Sea Shepherd after watching the Sharkwater documentary. Since then, I have been working as a volunteer for the Sea Shepherd Galapagos Field Office and as a quartermaster during the 2009-10 Whale Defense Campaign on the Bob Barker.  I’m glad to be back this year for Operation No Compromise.


Campbell Holland

I believe that everyone has to take responsibility for the destruction of our one and only Earth, and we must limit and counteract the damage already done. With Sea Shepherd, I have been able to use my skills as an engineer to actively help secure the lives of marine animals from exploitation so future generations might be able to experience the wonders that our fragile world has to offer.

My first campaign with Sea Shepherd was 2009-10 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Waltzing Matilda. I joined the Bob Barker as chief engineer during the re-fit and preparation in Mauritius. Since becoming part of the organization, I have encountered technical challenges and adventure while actively preventing extermination of the planet's depleting marine life. I've made new friends from many different walks of life and am constantly being rewarded for my work by the appreciation of other concerned people and the knowledge that I can, and am, making a positive difference.


Fiona McCuaig

I am living my ultimate dream by being able to volunteer full-time representing animals and their rights around the world. This year, I was a crewmember onboard the Bob Barker as part of the Sea Shepherd’s 2009-10 Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Waltzing Matilda, in Antarctica.  I have been working for the remainder of the year in Los Angeles coordinating the Sea Shepherd’s Operation Gulf Rescue – a campaign needed after the horrendous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Now on the Bob Barker, I am returning to Antarctica for a second year to help put an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary!

A Sydney, Australia, girl, I grew up by the sea and the bush with a natural love of everything wild. Founder of Excellence in World Zoos, I was able to combine my love of animals with my two degrees of Economics and Property.  My organization instigates redevelopment of poor enclosures in developing countries. My first project was the Australian Zone of the Beijing Zoo in time for the Olympics.

I have worked as a property consultant for eight years, but always weaved in volunteering with animals throughout this time. I spent six months volunteering in Africa and America in wildlife rehabilitation, volunteered in three zoos, and am now head of the youth committee for the Foundation for the National Parks and Wildlife in New South Wales.

With a human population predicted to double to 12 billion, I believe there is a huge amount of work to be done in my life to prevent the extinction of many species of wildlife.


Mal Holland

biography coming soon


Merilee Nyland

I am Washington State born and raised with a degree in Environmental Studies and Politics from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.  I was honored to serve on the Sea Shepherd vessel Farley Mowat for the 2008 Seal Campaign – helping to document and one day end the brutal and archaic slaughter of helpless harp seals.  Most recently, I have been working for the environmental education nonprofit Sound Experience as cook aboard the vegetarian schooner Adventuress – inspiring the protection and stewardship of the Puget Sound, home to staggering, yet struggling, pods of orca whales.

I have joined Sea Shepherd for the 2010-2011 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign for the saving of whales and the outright, bold protection of the earth's ecosystems.  I cannot stand by and watch such slaughter--disrespect for sentient beings and disregard for interconnectedness – here nor anywhere.  So, I cook homey and healthy vegan food to feed a determined and passionate crew.


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