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February 16, 2011

Infinite Blue

Georgie Dicks
Quartermaster, Steve Irwin

Georgie DicksThe Steve is rolling and pitching in an infinite sea alongside albatrosses gliding effortlessly totally at home in their pelagic wanderings across the vast and unpredictable Southern Ocean. Our ship accommodates a vast array of people from all backgrounds and nationalities who all share the same lust for the ocean and an ardent connection to its residents.

I feel honored to be a Sea Shepherd crewmember and have dreamed of this for years. I have had a passion for the ocean for as long as I can remember, and love scuba diving. I’m on the bridge in the morning and on the deck in the afternoon. The rolling of the boat is very comforting; knowing that we are making a huge difference is fantastic.

Antarctica is a wilderness of icebergs temples in the Southern Ocean where seals, penguins, and other birds can gather and rest before heading off into the infinite blue. They are so at home in their icy world, perfectly adapted to the freezing conditions, whilst we rug up warm and gaze upon them in fascination and amazement with a rogue tear or two rolling down our cheeks filled with hope and happiness.

Whales swim by fattening up on krill totally immersed in gorging themselves and enjoying their southern home. We watch out for the whales, our long lost family swimming endlessly in the foreboding waters that would bring on hypothermia in minutes for humans. It’s an eerie feeling seeing a harpoon ship on the horizon whilst Minke and fin whales swim by our ship. I worry for their survival but also possess hope because we are down here doing the right thing and protecting our friends so that future generations can marvel at their gentle and majestic nature.

Why waste life on selfish desires and wants when there is so much destruction going on in the ocean and on the land? Our oceans are too important. Obliteration of marine life must stop in order to save our watery planet. The Steve Irwin is an iconic ship in the marine conservation movement. It represents the lengths that individuals will go to save life and carries a certain aura of togetherness and compassion.

More than 40 people all thrown together to fight for the survival of whales. So many talented people from all walks of life and a melting pot of creativity. Being on campaign changes your life, I feel more strongly then ever that conservation is my chosen path. Campaign can be hard work but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else in the world right now, as this is so important. The world needs dedicated volunteers like our selves. A wave of transformation is needed, now is the time to get stuck into conservation of marine species. Lets unite together and fight for the survival of our animal friends.


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