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February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Amanda Beekman
Quartermaster, Bob Barker

Amanda BeekmanValentine's Day. Another day saving the whales. A lot of us left our loved ones back home; family, friends, husbands, wives, and children. They are relying on e-mails, not knowing when we will be back.

I spoke to my son this morning. I told him that for six days now there has been no whaling. We are all really excited about that. That is our mission. But next to that, it sometimes gets more difficult to enjoy what you see or what you do. I stand on deck and a beautiful piece of blue ice with at least 30 penguins passing me. It’s so special and so beautiful, but I don’t pay attention anymore. I need my little boy to tell me that he understands me, but that I should be happy as long as I am here. When we are back things will get back to normal. Here we make a change!

When I walk back in, I smell something delicious. The galley is preparing us Valentine’s cookies. We all put love in what we do. My message for today - send some love. We need it. Not only to save whales, we need it to save the planet.


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