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February 14, 2011

Pit Stop

James Brook
Bosun, Steve Irwin

James BrookA big thank you to all the onshore crew in Wellington, New Zealand who made our refuelling stop so super efficient.

After 6 long weeks at sea, we arrived in port on the biggest party night of Wellington’s calendar. It was a dazed bunch of Antarctic seafarers who wandered through the crowd of partygoers, staring in amazement at the Kiwi’s all dressed in extreme fancy dress. What a contrast after looking at the same people on the decks and companionways of the Steve Irwin for weeks on end!

Our busy port schedule went like clockwork as onshore crew turned up in vehicles, loading our ship with food and supplies, helping us get a bit of rest by doing gangplank watches, running a stall to inform the public and assisting our refueling pit stop in so many ways. The three days felt like three weeks of busy, people filled days. We headed out again feeling refreshed and our spirits refilled by the hospitality.

And the best news of all as we tied down the ship in pounding spray, was to hear that the Bob Barker had found the Nisshin Maru. Awesome. We’re heading back down full of food, fuel, and serviced equipment ready to keep the whalers running all the way till the end of the season.


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