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February 12, 2011

A Mother's Conviction

Celeste McGrath
Cook, Bob Barker

Celeste McGrathI’m a single mother of a 6-year-old boy who is totally aware of the danger our marine species face. For a living, I run my own organic raw food business called Raw Capers. When I am not being a mum or running my business, I dedicate the rest of my time to Sea Shepherd and the conservation of marine wildlife. Back in Australia, I coordinate the Canberra chapter of Sea Shepherd, and three months before campaign, I also took on coordinating and soliciting food donations for all of our ships for Operation No Compromise. Sounds like a lot of work I know, but it’s well worth it. I have the joy of family, the financial support of a business, and the passion to do what’s right for our planet, a satisfying balance.

Preparing to leave my son was the hardest thing I have experienced as a parent. Having never spent more than a week away from my boy, three months in Antarctica was not an easy barrel to look down, but a necessary one. By late November of last year, and many visits to the Bob Barker together throughout the year, my son was finally ready and excited for me to go into battle to help stop whaling in the Southern Ocean. Leaving my son behind to do what our governments should be doing was heart wrenching, and I believe it fair to hold the Australian government responsible for my son's safety while I’m gone, and I do. They should be patrolling these seas in droves to protect the whales of this sanctuary.

I was extremely seasick when the ship first set sail and I continued to be so for the first three or four storms. With each storm, I was less sick so I knew I was finding my sea legs but not soon enough for me. Regardless, I worked hard and did many extra hours to make up for any time I had not worked to make sure no one had to pick up any slack for me. Then came the prediction/warning of bad weather that was to last for several days, I was undoubtedly nervous. This time I had not an inkling of nausea. To my relief I had finally found my sea legs.

Now that I am fully prepared, trained, and semi-seafaring savvy, I feel safe in knowing I am ready and driven to fight the Japanese whaling fleet under any conditions, and at any time. Onwards we fight because as long as the fleet is illegally killing whales here, Sea Shepherd will be here to stop them.


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