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February 7, 2011

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Fiona McCuaig
Quartermaster/Rescue Swimmer, Bob Barker

Fiona McCuaigI casually flip over the pages of The Economist magazine. Interest rates, business growth, and speculation used to be of so much importance to me during my years of working in corporate property. And now, as I look out the porthole at the vast seas of the Antarctic with a beautiful albatross at our bow, these artificial financial systems we have created seem insignificant.

I leap to the back page of the magazine, unemployment rates. I wonder how these figures will look when New York, Shanghai, London, and all coastal cities are entirely submerged under water, an inevitable situation that is not far away. No one will have a job when the planet is destroyed.

I’m looking forward to the day when the back page of The Economist magazine rates the progress of a country by carbon output per capita. A country with zero carbon emissions is surely the winning country, just like any animal that must live in harmony with its environment in order to continue its evolutionary path, is the winner.

We are an amazing species. We have achieved many extraordinary things, but now we face the biggest intellectual challenge of all time – to live in harmony with the ecosystems that allow life on the planet. At this point, we are failing miserably.

We need an environmental leader to stand up and coordinate all nations to work together on this, and quickly.

Is this you?


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