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January 24, 2011

Watch Friendship

Luis Correia de Pinho
Second Mate, Steve Irwin

Luis Correia de PinhoAssuming one of the three bridge watches on the Steve Irwin is a great responsibility. One-third of the time the safety of the entire crew is in our hands, and that is not light to take in.

We now have three crewmembers on each watch, and one thing that surely develops is a strong tie between the watch partners on each shift. When things are going smooth, we have the time to share views, ideas, and learn more about each other. When action occurs, we feel the same but with added anxieties and stress. And we have to be well tuned in order to provide a quick response to the situations that can arrive at any moment.

These friendships will last a lifetime, and the memories of our bridge watches will follow us wherever we go. It is impossible to find people who are more committed than on a crew of volunteers like this one, as no amount of money or salary can buy the eagerness and willpower to succeed that we find in on Sea Shepherd crews.

Thank you Howie, Luz, and Rafaella for being such good and dedicated watch partners.


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