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January 23, 2011

Flying Upstairs on a Ghost Ship

Matt Smith
Deckhand, Bob Barker

Matt SmithThis morning I woke up to massive waves coming over the Bob. Usually, waves come side to side on the Bob, but today they came from front to back. I imagined I was on a giant roller coaster in the middle of the ocean not strapped to anything and free explore my surroundings. I am one of the lucky few that doesn’t get seasick. So while other people were down, I opted to have a little fun!

I started on the bridge. I walked in and as usual, our captain Alex Cornelissen had a huge smile on his face and was loving every minute of the rough weather. And as usual, expressed to his crew how he hoped that the harpoon ship that has been following us is having as much fun as we are. Not! I went airborne at least three times while on the bridge. For me personally, the feeling of my stomach in mouth is pretty cool. While I was up on the bridge, I heard a friend of mine fly off the couch and bump his head in the television room downstairs. I swiftly went down to check on him. But as I expected, he was fine. My roommate has a hard head and a good heart. You need more than a little wave to keep him down. I decided go to the bow thruster room, rope room, the aft part of the ship, and up and down all the stairs to check which was the best place to get some airtime. Finally, I ended up outside my bedroom by myself for an hour on a ghost ship flying upstairs.


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