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January 7, 2011

Nations Unite to Save the Environment, Join Us Japan!

Fiona McCuaig
Quartermaster/Rescue Swimmer, Bob Barker

Fiona McCuaigI’ve never had it so good being only a minute away from workplace. No traffic jams to deal with, just a simple walk up a few decks to the bridge. This morning was magical, the sight of Yushin Maru No. 3 following loyally behind us, distracted from their illegal practices of barbarically harpooning the most gentle and well loved animals of the wild. Sea Shepherd’s effective strategy has once again been very successful, but we will not rejoice until we have shut down the floating factory ship.

The same thought shudders through my mind every now and again.  It's a realization, a fear, or maybe just disappointment at my own kind. I imagine a list of oceanic species we need to save on a to-do List. It would start with whales at the top, then dolphins, then the cute seal pups, and it goes on as long as the ocean is deep.

For me, all species are equally important. Shouldn't it be easier to convince the world to save species that we love? As you read this, thousands of dead fish are being thrown back dead into the ocean as bycatch from the horrendous industrial fishing practices. A dead ocean makes for a very sick planet. Japan, please unite with the rest of the world to stop killing the whales. We have a lot of work to do…together.


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