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January 6, 2011

Man of Steel?

Mark “Grizzly” Cullivan
Helicopter Chief Technician, Steve Irwin

Mark CullivanIt has been over a month now onboard the Steve Irwin for me, and I begin to think back to the start of the campaign…I was fired up and ready to go the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, feeling like an invulnerable man of steel. Well, I quickly found I wasn’t all that tough after all. As we were leaving Hobart, I was fighting back tears thinking of my four grandsons, and especially Michelina, who is expecting my fifth grandson in March. I got really seasick five hours later and from then on, I kept losing my composure every thirty minutes like clockwork. Needless to say, I fed a lot of fish that day. I finally got over being seasick three days later, and started feeling strong like steel again, boo-yah!

I have a new family now and finally began settling into the ship life, caring for my new baby, the Nancy Burnet. I tell ya, she is one fine bird, and I’m feeling grand! I wish I could have seen the look on the so-called researchers faces when they first saw my beautiful lady. It was an incredible way to start the New Year and a ballet that was not to be missed. After it was all over, I started feeling homesick for the first time and found myself wishing I should have found a way to say goodbye to my brother Miguel, whom I love so much.

It was with profound amazement and through new eyes with which I saw the world we live in on that day. A world not only resilient to our abuse, but also wonderfully beautiful and so caring and forgiving of us that it just keeps on turning while awaiting patiently for us to come around and see her for what she is … the mother of us all, nurturing of our bodies and soothing our souls. It is with great joy that I find myself down here making a difference, not only for the bigger picture, but for also for me, and for the healing of my soul.


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