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December 30, 2010

Keeping it Simple

Emily Ballantyne-Brodie
Chef, Gojira

Emily Ballantyne-Brodie Hi, my name is Emily and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about issues relating to the environment and sustainability. Whether developing a sustainable urban farm in Melbourne, going for a relaxing walk in Upper Beaconsfield, or lending my skills as a chef on the Gojira for the 2010/2011 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, I care about our delicate planet and the wellbeing of all of its beautiful creatures.

Living aboard the Gojira is like being a part of a self-sustaining system.  Each person has their own responsibilities to make the boat function as a whole, similar to the cogs in a finely tuned clock that need to work in unison. Given that we’re a small boat with a small crew, it is important to be mindful of each other’s space and to always maintain a positive attitude. Each crewmember works very hard whether it is in navigation, engineering, safety, filming, or cleaning. Our boat produces its own water and energy so we have to use our resources wisely. Likewise, the waste we create must be minimal and this is also something we’re mindful of.

I’m working as a chef in a very compact kitchen. My legs are getting very strong because the boat is constantly moving and I have to fight to support myself. To put a meal together or even make a cuppa is hard work! I have been baking a lot of homemade bread. This is one of my favorite things to do on onboard as the boat smells just like a bakery, yum! I think the key to cooking, especially under such circumstances, is to keep it simple or “KIS” as I’ve coined it. There is so much you can make with very few ingredients.

I wish all the Sea Shepherds who are onboard their ships a safe, happy, and successful campaign. You are a great team of people helping to make a true change to the beautiful world that we live in.


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