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December 28, 2010

The Perfection of Wilderness

Giacomo "Josh" Giorgi
Bosun's mate/Deckhand, Steve Irwin

crew-SI-Josh-Giorgi-01Since I've been aboard the ship, I’ve had the chance to live endless incredible adventures and see things that I would have never imagined seeing in my lifetime. These things always caused a storm of emotions and reflections within me and in the last couple of days, I just can’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen around me and also what is not around me right now as well.

The concept of perfection has a whole new definition for me. Before this experience, I could think that an image or an object, a song, a smell, or a taste was perfect but from now on anytime I see or listen, taste, or smell I will know that perfection is something very different. Seeing habitats where there is no impact of the human race gave me a clear idea of what the word "perfect" really means.

For instance, I can now see flat oceans or raging storms for what they are, whereas before I could define them as good or poor weather related to the human life in modern cities, now it is clear to me that both are just different harmonious ways nature uses to express itself. Earlier this week, I saw dark clouds and fog on the port side of the ships and bright blue skies and the sun on the starboard side, yet I couldn't find a single imperfection on either side. I’ve seen hundreds of lives including birds, seals, sharks, whales, sunfishes, penguins, and whatsoever, fitting in naturally and equally great on both sides.

I now see beauty and appreciate great things that (maybe) civilization made or makes. Anyhow, I realized that struggling to achieve perfection or trying to find it in manmade things is impossible because such a thing only happens by itself in the simple but complicated harmony of wilderness.


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