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December 22, 2010

Confessions of a “Deckie”

Amanda Beekman
Quartermaster/Bob Barker

Amanda BeekmanI am a journalist and I am a mum. Back home, I write for a magazine for mothers called Mama’s Magazine. Being an expert in raising children (I have four), I advise on ‘day-to-day’ educational issues and also write articles about the interests of active mothers.

Excitedly, I realized I have the perfect platform to combine my passion, interest and desire to educate children about marine wildlife through my writing. I can educate and create awareness in children on key issues like the importance of marine wildlife, unsustainable fishing and the brutal mass killings of whales, sharks and dolphins. Through Sea Shepherd, vital issues like these can inspire a whole new generation of compassionate people who are better aware of the issues and care deeply for our seas.

Being on the Bob Barker is a totally different story. It’s hard work for everybody, including me. And we all have different responsibilities. I spend most of my time on deck. I love being a “deckie,” always staying busy and working outside. But the experienced crew had to teach me everything. Putting a boat in the water can be very dangerous when the weather is poor or when the ship is moving. After a few weeks I can finally find my way around the ship. I can drill holes in steel, I can mix paint, I know where to find spacers, I found out that when you tighten things to the ship they have to be very secure otherwise they will fly through the ship, and lastly, from the galley I learned that peeling garlic takes a long time! I can do my chores much quicker now than in the first two weeks. I even don’t mind cleaning the heads (toilets) anymore! Even the rocking of the ship doesn’t exhaust me that much anymore.

I love the crew on the Bob Barker. Being amongst these people makes it a lot easier to be away from home for such a long time. Today we decorated the mess with some Xmas decorations. It looks nice, but Christmas will have no nothing if this campaign is not the most successful campaign ever.
Neptune’s Navy never compromises.


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