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December 18, 2010

An Unexpected Roll on the High Seas

Fiona McCuaig
Quartermaster/Rescue Swimmer, Bob Barker

Fiona McCuaigThe Bob Barker’s hectic rocking suddenly took an unexpected turn and jerked her into an unstoppable roll. We quickly grabbed the table in the bridge for stability, and assumed a 30-degree lean. Crash! Bang!  Unwelcoming sounds reverberated in different areas of the ship. Captain Cornelissen chuckled a bit and said, “Wow, she sure rolls a LOT more than the Steve. Can you go and see if everything is all right?”

I tentatively made my way down the two sets of steeply inclined stairways to the lounge where I found two crewmembers laying horizontally, looking out for anyone who could miraculously alleviate their nausea. “It will get better and you will have your sea legs soon,” I said, conscious of my own unpredictable stomach twangs.

The mood on the ship was eerily quiet. Some people preferred to ride out the waves in their cabins, while others relaxed in the lounge, looking unfazed. I could see they were enjoying the chaos that comes with being at sea. Luckily, the only carnage was a few food items splattered in the dry store, an injured laptop on the floor and some spilled tea.

The next morning was beautiful. The sun was out and the waves gently rolled the ship in a soothing rhythm. Everyone had color in their faces, and I could hear laughter from all directions. The incredible vibe of the Bob was back again! Its created by an amazing bunch of people undertaking one of the most important journeys of their lives, to save our dying oceans and one of earth’s most precious creatures.


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