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December 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Action...bring it on!

Talishia Langehoven

Talishia LangehovenMy name is Talishia, I’m from South Africa and I’m a big ocean lover. This is my first campaign and I’m super excited. This is also my first time in Australia and Tasmania. The support Sea Shepherd receives here in Australia is unbelievable. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I’ve never seen anything like the support I’ve experienced here ever before.

We are in Hobart working hard on the boat and getting geared up for campaign. I’m keeping busy getting everything secured in its place because once we leave nothing can move around. My responsibility is to essentially strap things down and put them in a safe place. We wouldn’t want someone from our lovely crew to get hit by something flying across the boat!

I have a history in whale tourism and working on charter vessels and I enjoy working with whales. They are the most magnificent creatures. I am beyond ready to finish our boat preparations and head south to find the whaling fleet to put an end to illegal whaling once and for all! It’s going to be great when we finally leave port to go do what we all came here to do. I cannot wait.


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