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December 8, 2010

We are almost there…

Catherine Mansart
Ship Manager, Steve Irwin

Catherine MansartWe are almost to Wellington, where we will refuel for the last time before heading to the Antarctic waters. Just 340 rolling nautical miles to go.

We left Hobart on Sunday after being at anchor for a few days not too far from the Bob Barker. Seeing her lights at night while I was on bridge was comforting. And then, right before we left, we got a glimpse of the fast Gojira, which looks like something right out of outer space. It was great to see the crew again including Captain Locky, Zoe, Kevin, Georgie, Babs. To see them waving at us from their amazing looking deck, wow! The last time I saw this ship it was white, now it is black, in true Sea Shepherd style.

Pulling up anchor is a peculiar thing. The excitement of starting a new voyage into the unknown is mixed with the melancholy of saying goodbye to a place that was so good to us. The onshore volunteers in Fremantle were so helpful. We spent five weeks there, working hard every day to get the ship ready. Without their help it would never have worked. Their gracious mayor who has been a incredible supporter by working with us to register Gojira as an Australian vessel and flying Sea Shepherd’s flag. Thank you all so much!

And then Hobart…beautiful Hobart, with its senator Bob Brown making things possible for us and showing us the other side of Tasmania, the ancient forests. Thank you Adam for memories that we will treasure forever. We wish you well.

So we are really gone? I guess so. All these months we were working for this moment. It is time. The ships are ready. We are ready. Whales…we are coming!


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