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December 4, 2010

Ready and Stronger than Ever!

Andrea Gordon
Ship Manager, Bob Barker

Andrea GordonThe eight long months the Bob Barker spent in port undergoing a massive refit culminated on December 2 when we departed for the Southern Ocean to protect endangered whales.  I was so proud to see the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker departing at the same time, knowing that both ships are in the best condition they have ever been in.  With the sleek new white helicopter that I just saw for the first time during departure, I know we will be able to find the whalers even faster this year. Meanwhile, the whalers have a smaller, weaker fleet.  We are absolutely ready to travel to the Southern Ocean, and to take our post before the whalers.

We had some wonderful crew onboard during the last few months who were unable to join us for campaign, but were an essential part of our preparation team.  I definitely miss them already.  However, the Bob Barker welcomed some fantastic and enthusiastic crew onboard a few days before departure for a total of 36 people!

We received an unprecedented send off from the people and city of Hobart, thank you!  I know that even though Sea Shepherd ships will be the only ones in the Southern Ocean protecting the whales, we will have a world of support behind us.


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