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December 4, 2010

Learning the ropes

Matt Smith
Deckhand, Bob Barker

Matt SmithG'day mates,

The Bob Barker has finally got all its crew and we are settling in quite nicely.  The ship is everything I thought it would be, full of strangers working together for a common goal. It has already become my home away from home.  My two roommates are from the Galapagos Islands and New Zealand. Both have been with Sea Shepherd for a while.  The cooks have already put five pounds on me and the food is outstanding.  The vegan food that the galley staff prepares would put the most famous chefs to shame.

The work schedule is from eight to five every day and the crew pitches in to help with chores on top of that. The crew that has been here for a while have made me feel right at home in the short time I have been here. We will soon sail deeper into the unknown waters that I have never sailed before. The captain and most of the crew have been on campaigns prior, and I am looking to them to guide me this year. I am working with the ship's crane and starting to get to know her so when the time comes I can do my part in Antarctica to stop the whaling fleet. The crew truly is a representation of our many nations on this planet that makes this happen on one vessel. I have to run now, the chores are calling!


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