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CBS Las Vegas News Covers Shark Crisis


George Knapp and the I-team: Sharks Slaughtered to the Brink of Extinction

Sea Shepherd Campaigns Director Kim McCoy is interviewed by award-winning journalist
George Knapp for a special investigative report on shark fin soup in Las Vegas, NV (aired Nov 16, 2009).


The Cove, featuring Sea Shepherd


Winner of audience awards across the world, including Sundance, SilverDocs and Hot Docs,
The Cove
follows a team of activists and filmmakers as they infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan.
Their important film is helping to expose the horrendous cruelty that happens annually in Taiji,
which Sea Shepherd first exposed in 2003


Whale Wars Season 2



Larry King Live Appearance
June 4, 2009



Fox News LA Interview
June 2, 2009




Orchestral art-rock band, The Red Paintings, collaborated with
Sea Shepherd to record this song the night before the Steve Irwin
left Australia for the latest campaign in Antarctic waters.
Lyrics were written by lead singer, Trash McSweeney in conjunction
with the Sea Shepherd's founder and president, Captain Paul Watson.