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Welcome to our news page where you can read about the most significant worldwide media coverage Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has recently garnered. Part of Sea Shepherd’s mission is to document and expose the atrocities being committed against marine wildlife and their habitats, therefore every press report whether in a magazine, newspaper, online,  radio, and/or television is invaluable to us and the awareness we strive for.

Note that some of the external links may no longer be available. Many news outlets will move or remove pages without notice.


United States September 25, 2014 -- CNN - United States

Dolphins killed as Taiji's controversial hunting season resumes in Japan

Tokyo (CNN) -- The slaughter of dolphins has begun again in a small Japanese village, in a controversial annual hunt that pits Western environmentalist values against what locals say are traditional hunting practices. Taiji, a coastal town of 3,500 people in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, has a dolphin hunt ... read more

United Kingdom September 18, 2014 -- The Argus - United Kingdom

Brighton animal rights activist arrested in Faroe Islands

Brighton animal rights activist arrested in Faroe Islands Jessie Treverton (right) was arrested alongside her two crew members email (3) comments print First published Thursday 18 September 2014 in News  Last updated 13:35 Thursday 18 September 2014by Rachel Milla ... read more

Denmark June 19, 2014 -- The Copenhagen Post - Denmark

Four months of clashes expected on the Faroes ahead of slaughter of pilot whales

Four months of clashes expected on the Faroes ahead of slaughter of pilot whales Police are confident they can deal with the situation, although as many as 500 activists are expected   Some 1,000 pilot whales are slaughtered each year on the Faroe Islands (Photo:   June 19, 20 ... read more

Faroe Islands June 17, 2014 -- KVF - Faroe Islands

DV kjak: Herferð hjá Sea Shepherd móti grindadrápi (in Faroese)

DV kjak: Herferð hjá Sea Shepherd móti grindadrápi  ... read more

United States March 1, 2014 -- Huffington Post - United States

Superhero Sam Simon Protects the Animal Kingdom

One of my biggest thrills working day and night to make our planet a healthier home for children, wild animals, forests, waterways, soils, air and our oceans is meeting extraordinary humans. The award-winning television executive Sam Simon is a very special person. Sam Simon with his dear friends Gerty and Columb ... read more

Australia February 21, 2014 -- Sixty Minutes - Australia

The Killing Cove

You've seen the horrific pictures of the dolphin killing cove in Japan but now there’s a bigger prize being hunted. The local fishermen have successfully caught a rare albino dolphin and are shopping it round with an asking price of half a million dollars. It's the latest blow to animal cruelty campaign ... read more

United States February 17, 2014 -- The Maritime Executive - United States

Sea Shepherd Leader Denied Entry Into Japan

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Cove Guardian Lead and Campaign Director, Scott West has been denied entry into Japan. West sees it as an effort to prevent the actions of the Taiji Fishermen’s Union as they slaughter dolphins and small whales, from being exposed.   Upon trying to enter Japan to j ... read more

United States February 11, 2014 -- The Asahi Shimbun - United States

Japanese dolphin fishermen invite Kennedy to see hunt for herself

TAIJI, Wakayama Prefecture--A senior official connected with the seasonal dolphin hunt here is defending the tradition as painless to the small cetaceans and is inviting U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy to see for herself. The tweet by Kennedy last month criticizing the dolphin drive hunt in the town of Taiji ... read more

United States February 6, 2014 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd to Lead Valentine’s Day Demos Against Taiji Dolphin Hunt

On Valentine’s Day, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians will lead demonstrations against the brutal, and now infamous, slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. The demonstrations will be held at the Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C. and Japanese consulates across the United  ... read more

Japan February 1, 2014 -- Japan Times - Japan

Defend dolphins, not a ‘tradition’

In mid-January, somewhere between 250 and 500 dolphins were driven into the cove near Taiji, a small town in western Japan made famous in the award-winning film, “The Cove.” There, at least 100 of the dolphins were slaughtered for their meat. Others were packed up and sold to aquariums. The dolphins are he ... read more

United Kingdom January 30, 2014 -- The Ecologist - United Kingdom

Taiji - Japan's dolphin slaughter continues

The Japanese dolphin slaughter at Taiji is an exercise in wilful sadism, writes Joshua Frank. But responsibility for the killing spreads much wider than Japan, with captive cetaceans from Taiji reaching aquaria around the globe - including SeaWorld. Perhaps dolphins symbolize real freedom - freedom from our petty ne ... read more

United States January 30, 2014 -- Global Voices - United States

Japan's Taiji Fishermen Return to Infamous Cove for Annual Dolphin Hunt

Once again, fishermen from the small Japanese town of Taiji have made headlines over their annual dolphin hunt, during which hundreds of the creatures are captured in a local cove to be slaughtered or sold into captivity.    According to conservation society Sea Shepherd, about 250 bottlenose dolphins  ... read more

Australia January 28, 2014 -- - Australia

Sea Shepherd footage shows hunters hauling four dolphins from water at Taiji, Japan

MORE distressing footage has emerged of Japanese hunters hauling a pod of four Pacific white-sided dolphins from the ocean, as activists try to stop it. The footage, released by the Sea Shepherd, shows the hunters in the water, wrestling with the dolphins, before they pull them out of the ocean. Prime Minister Shin ... read more

South Africa January 28, 2014 -- Africa Green Media - South Africa

Japanese fishermen complete annual dolphin massacre in Taiji cove

“According to The History of Taiji, edited and published by Taiji town in 1979, the first recorded dolphin drive was in 1933, with subsequent hunts occurring in 1936 and 1944. It was not until 1969 that dolphin drives have been conducted on a large scale,” Sakae Hemmi of the Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan ... read more

United States January 26, 2014 -- The Moderate Voice - United States

Japanese fisherman try to hide slaughter of dolphins in Taiji cove from media view

It always was brutal. It always aroused anger in the west. But this year there was something even more ominous and — if it could indeed happen — even more unsettling about the butchering of dolphins in Taiji cove: the fishemen tried get in a position where they couldn’t be seen. Almost like  ... read more

United States January 22, 2014 -- CNN - United States

Japan officials defend dolphin hunting at Taiji Cove

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- The slaughter of bottlenose dolphins in an infamous Japanese cove took place on Tuesday. About 500 dolphins were driven into the cove this year, a larger number than usual, according to the local Taiji fishermen's union. A fisherman who is a union board member, and who did not want to be ... read more

United States January 21, 2014 -- Nature World News - United States

Taiji Cove Dolphin Hunt Ends with 41 Dead and 52 Taken Captive, Group Says

Of the more than 250 dolphins captured in a cove in Taiji, Japan across the last four days, 41 were killed and 52 were taken captive, according to a report by the Cove Guardians, an activist group affiliated with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Tuesday ended the annual dolphin cull in Taiji, which was made infa ... read more

Canada January 21, 2014 -- Global News - Canada

Slaughter of dolphins begins in Japan’s Taiji cove despite criticism

TORONTO – Fishermen in Japan's infamous Taiji cove began the slaughter of hundreds of bottlenose dolphins Tuesday morning amid public outcry from around the world over the annual hunt. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said the fishermen first selected 52 dolphins to keep alive for sale to ... read more

United Kingdom January 21, 2014 -- BBC News - United Kingdom

Dolphin slaughter: Taiji cove hunt begins in Japan

The British and American ambassadors to Japan have joined a chorus of international criticism at fishermen there who hunt and slaughter dolphins. The annual killing takes place at a coastal town in the south of the country where the mammals are driven into a pen and then killed for their meat using metal poles. Envi ... read more

United Kingdom January 21, 2014 -- The Daily Mail - United Kingdom

Did mother of albino dolphin commit suicide after Japanese fishermen took its calf during mass slaughter?

Japanese fishermen have finished killing some of the 250 dolphins trapped in what activists say was the biggest round-up they have witnessed in the last four years. Sea Shepherd, best known for its anti-whaling activities, said the fishermen first selected 52 dolphins to keep alive for sale to aquariums and other cust ... read more

Australia January 21, 2014 -- - Australia

250 dolphins captured in Taiji, awaiting sale or slaughter

Earlier, Yoko Ono and Caroline Kennedy were just two of the many high-profile people who pleaded with the fishermen of Taiji to release the 250 dolphins they were planning to kill. Every year the fishermen of Taiji corral hundreds of dolphins into a secluded bay, select a few dozen for sale to aquariums and marine par ... read more

United States January 21, 2014 -- NBC News - United States

Japanese fishermen kill at least 30 dolphins in controversial Taiji cove hunt

TAIJI, Japan -- Japanese fishermen drove a large group of dolphins into the shallows on Tuesday and, hiding from reporters and TV cameras behind a tarpaulin, killed at least 30 as the annual dolphin hunt that sparked protest in the West entered its final stages. Both the U.S. and British ambassadors to Japan have stro ... read more

United States January 21, 2014 -- The Raw Story - United States

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy asked to visit Taiji to see ‘humane’ dolphin hunt

The US ambassador to Japan should visit Taiji to see the “humane” killing methods used in the dolphin hunt, a local fisheries official said Tuesday, days after Caroline Kennedy tweeted her disapproval of the slaughter. His comments came as campaigners watching the hunt said the butchery was under way, addi ... read more

Australia January 21, 2014 -- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

Dolphins slaughtered in Taiji as protests grow

Blood flowed from beneath a shoreside tent as dolphins were killed at Taiji, Japan, on Tuesday. The waters made famous by the Oscar winning documentary The Cove ran red in the killings by local fishermen, who worked for four days on a herd of 250 bottlenose dolphins held in nets. Activist Melissa Sehgal, of ... read more

Australia January 20, 2014 -- Sydney Morning Herald - Australia

US ambassador intervenes in Taiji Cove dolphin hunt

US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy has sharply raised the focus on Japanese dolphin hunts, describing the corralling of the mammals for slaughter as inhumane.  Responding to local fishermen rounding up dolphins at Taiji, the town made famous by the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, Ms Kennedy tweeted: &qu ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- National Geographic - United States

Dolphin roundup at Japan’s Taiji Cove puts spotlight on changing economics of hunts

Over the weekend, Japanese fishermen from the village of Taiji drove an estimated 200-plus bottlenose dolphins into a local bay made notorious by the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary The Cove. Over the course of the weekend, some 51 were selected for sale and display in marine parks, according to the& ... read more

United Kingdom January 20, 2014 -- The Independent - United Kingdom

Taiji Cove dolphins: Japanese government defends 'lawful' slaughter as hunters prepare to kill 200 animals

Japanese fisherman have begun the slaughter of hundreds of bottlenose dolphins this morning, campaigners said, amid an international outcry over the annual hunt.  Members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), which is monitoring the cull, said fisherman had begun killing the dolphins corralled into ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- The Guardian - United States

Japanese fishermen begin annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins

Fishermen in Japan began slaughtering hundreds of bottlenose dolphinsearly on Tuesday morning, campaigners said, despite mounting international calls for the animals to be spared. Members of the marine conservation group Sea Shepherd who are monitoring the annual cull in Taiji, on Japan’s Pacific coast, sai ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- The Guardian - United States

Japan defends annual dolphin hunt

Stung by rare criticism from the US ambassador, the Japanese government has defended a controversial annual dolphin hunt as international criticism of the practice gathered pace. A government spokesman said on Monday that dolphin fishing in western Japan, which has come under the spotlight in the wake of an Oscar ... read more

United Kingdom January 20, 2014 -- The Telegraph - United Kingdom

US ambassador Caroline Kennedy 'deeply concerned' about Japanese dolphin hunt

In an unusual move, US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has expressed deep concern over the traditional dolphin hunt in western Japan, where local fisherman corral dolphins in a secluded bay before killing many for meat. The annual dolphin hunt currently under way in Taiji in western Japan has long been a sourc ... read more

Japan January 20, 2014 -- Japan Daily Press - Japan

US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy tweets against Japan’s dolphin hunt in Taiji

With the start of the dolphin-hunt season in the town of Taiji in Japan, a lot of conservationists have expressed concern over the activity, calling it a “brutal practice”. US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has taken to micro-blogging site Twitter to express her opposition and deep ... read more

Australia January 20, 2014 -- The Business Insider - Australia

Japan Has Begun Its Disturbing Annual Dolphin Hunt In 'The Cove'

TOKYO (Reuters) – In an unusual move, U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has expressed deep concern over the traditional dolphin hunt in western Japan, where local fisherman corral dolphins in a secluded bay before killing many for meat. The annual dolphin hunt currently underway in Taiji in western Japan ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- NBC News - United States

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy 'concerned by inhumaneness' of Japan dolphin hunt

TOKYO -- Caroline Kennedy has expressed her deep concern at the "inhumaneness" of an annual dolphin hunt carried out by fisherman in Japan, where she serves as U.S. ambassador. Long a source of controversy,  fisherman from Taiji drive hundreds of dolphins into a secluded bay where they select some for s ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- NY Daily News - United States

Caroline Kennedy tweets blasting Japanese dolphin hunt

A Japanese government spokesman defended an annual dolphin hunt Monday, a day after U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy tweeted that she was deeply concerned by the inhumanity of the practice. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference that dolphin fishing in Japan is carried out appropriatel ... read more

United States January 20, 2014 -- The Diplomat - United States

Caroline Kennedy is “Deeply Concerned” Over Japan’s Annual Dolphin Hunt

Caroline Kennedy, the recently appointed U.S. Ambassador to Japan, took to social media to condemn an annual dolphin hunt that was the subject of a 2009 Academy Award-winning documentary titled The Cove. The ambassador, who is the last surviving child of former president John F. Kennedy, tweeted her dis ... read more

United States January 19, 2014 -- USA Today - United States

Japanese dolphin hunt spurs social media outrage

The annual dolphin hunt at Taiji Cove in Japan continued Sunday, despite calls from conservationists for the practice to stop. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a Washington state-based non-profit marine wildlife conservation group, said on its Facebook page Sunday that more than 200 dolphins spent a second day t ... read more

Japan January 19, 2014 -- Japan Times - Japan

Kennedy tweets concern over Taiji dolphin hunt

U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy has tweeted her concern at the “inhumaneness” of a Wakayama Prefecture village’s traditional dolphin hunt. “Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing. USG (U.S. Government) opposes drive hunt fisheries,” she tweeted Friday. Kennedy, t ... read more

United States January 19, 2014 -- Huffington Post - United States

Caroline Kennedy 'Deeply Concerned' By Japanese Dolphin Hunt

TOKYO, Jan 20 (Reuters) - In an unusual move, U.S. ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy has expressed deep concern over the traditional dolphin hunt in western Japan, where local fisherman corral dolphins in a secluded bay before killing many for meat. The annual dolphin hunt currently underway in Taiji in western Jap ... read more

United States January 17, 2014 -- Hawaii Reporter - United States

250 Bottlenose Dolphins Captured, Prepared for Slaughter in Japan

TAIJI, Japan — Five separate pods of Bottlenose dolphins were driven into Taiji’s infamous killing cove yesterday and held overnight. This now massive pod of more than 250 dolphins includes babies and juveniles, including a rare albino calf who has been clinging as closely as possible to his or her mother i ... read more

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