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Welcome to our news page where you can read about the most significant worldwide media coverage Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has recently garnered. Part of Sea Shepherd’s mission is to document and expose the atrocities being committed against marine wildlife and their habitats, therefore every press report whether in a magazine, newspaper, online,  radio, and/or television is invaluable to us and the awareness we strive for.

Note that some of the external links may no longer be available. Many news outlets will move or remove pages without notice.


United States October 12, 2015 -- New York Times - United States

African Court Convicts Captain of Renegade Ship in Illegal Fishing Case

A São Tomé and Príncipe court on Monday convicted the captain of a fishing ship, the Thunder, and two crew members on several charges tied to illegal fishing, a prosecutor in the case said. The verdict was the culmination of a dramatic, 10,000-mile chase from Antarctica to the Gulf of Guinea. The  ... read more

United States October 5, 2015 -- New York Times - United States

U.S. Announces Plans to Combat Illegal Fishing and Other Steps to Protect Oceans

The Obama administration announced plans on Monday to step up the fight against illegal fishing, pollution and other crimes at sea, including the creation of two new national marine sanctuaries, one in Maryland and the other in Lake Michigan, the first in 15 years. Administration officials also said they intended to e ... read more

United States August 18, 2015 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Martin Sheen Condemns Pilot Whale Slaughter

Martin Sheen is speaking out against Denmark’s use of warships so that the horrific mass killing of pilot whales can continue. The “West Wing” star composed a letter to Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, in which he writes: “I was appalled to see the Danish Navy being used  ... read more

United States August 18, 2015 -- The Islander - United States

Wildlife investigation turns up ‘person of interest’

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced “a person of interest” in the search for the people responsible for killing three shorebirds and ransacking five sea turtle nests on Anna Maria Island in June. Public information director Gary Morse declined to name the person or other details ... read more

United Kingdom August 17, 2015 -- Express - United Kingdom

West Wing actor Martin Sheen blasts Danish PM over 'disgusting' whale slaughter

The award-winning actor, who plays US President Josiah Bartlet in the hit series, has written to the real-life Danish prime minister, heavily criticising his nation’s use of warships so that the mass killing of whales can take place. Using the language of an experienced statesman, Sheen, who won a Golden Globe  ... read more

United States August 13, 2015 -- Monsters & Critics - United States

Martin Sheen Takes On Denmark In Whale Slaughter

Activist, actor, devout Catholic, father, academic Martin Sheen is taking on the Danes. If you were unaware, Denmark slaughters tons of whales. Sheen has sent a letter to Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, calling for an end to Denmark’s support of the mass slaughter of pilot whales and other sma ... read more

United States August 6, 2015 -- One Green Planet - United States

Justice for Sharks! Historic Verdict in the Galapagos Islands

An Ecuadorian Tribunal has issued a historic verdict on the notorious Fer Mary case. The Tribunal found the captain and crew of the fishing vessel, guilty of poaching sharks in Galapagos, a protected area and a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site. It is the ... read more

United States July 28, 2015 -- New York Times - United States


ABOARD THE BOB BARKER, in the South Atlantic — As the Thunder, a trawler considered the world’s most notorious fish poacher, began sliding under the sea a couple of hundred miles south of Nigeria, three men scrambled aboard to gather evidence of its crimes. In bumpy footage from their helmet cameras, they  ... read more

United States July 8, 2015 -- Quartz - United States

Pamela Anderson has written a letter to Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin has resisted pressure from Ukrainian fighters,international sanctions, and European antitrust regulators, but will the Russian president prove to be as headstrong against the entreaties of Pamela Anderson?     The Canadian-American actress and model has written a letter to Putin, r ... read more

United States July 8, 2015 -- Newsweek - United States

Pamela Anderson asks Putin to stop whale meat ship

Baywatch star turned animal rights activist Pamela Anderson has written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin calling on him to use his power over Russian waters to block a cargo ship carrying whale meat from making its way to Japan from Iceland. In the letter, the Anderson appeals to Putin's &qu ... read more

United States July 7, 2015 -- TakePart - United States

Environmentalists Attacked for Protecting One of the Ocean’s Most Endangered Animals

There’s trouble in eco-paradise. Costa Rica, long hailed as a resolute steward of the environment, is failing to protect endangered sea turtles and their eggs along the nation’s Caribbean coast, leaving most of that work to volunteers who have faced violent and even deadly attacks by poachers, en ... read more

United States July 7, 2015 -- Sputnik International - United States

Dear Vladimir: Pamela Anderson Seeks Putin’s Help on Whale Meat Shipment

As a cargo ship loaded with endangered, Icelandic Fin whale meat travels en route to Japan, animal rights activists may have an unlikely ally: Baywatch icon Pamela Anderson. She, in turn, has written a plea for help to what may seem an even unlikelier ally: Russian President Vladimir Putin.   Last week, the Sea ... read more

United States July 2, 2015 -- Miami Herald - United States

Reward for ‘turtle terrorists’ in Anna Maria Island

ANNA MARIA ISLAND  Marine wildlife protection and law enforcement organizations are offering a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to the arrest of the man and woman whose motor-vehicle joyride at 10:30 p.m. Saturday killed three black skimmer chicks and damaged five loggerhead sea turtle nests on An ... read more

United States July 2, 2015 -- Patch - United States

'Turtle Terrorists' Worth $2K in Reward Money

A late night joyride on the beach at Anna Maria Island has turned into a manhunt with a reward of $2,000 offered for the capture of the man and woman officials say let their fun go too far. That joyride, as it turned out, resulted in five loggerhead sea turtle nests being run over and two shorebird chicks being killed ... read more

Costa Rica June 27, 2015 -- The Costa Rica Star - Costa Rica

Sea Shepherd Research Vessel Arrives in Costa Rica

Sea Shepherd Media Release — Fresh off the successful first leg of its vaquita porpoise defense campaign Operation Milagro in the Sea of Cortez, Sea ShepherdUSA’s sailing research vessel the R/V Martin Sheen has arrived in Costa Rica, where Sea Shepherd has begun an ocean research and public aware ... read more

United States June 10, 2015 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd USA Adds Two New Vessels

After making a major purchase in January, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has berthed two new ships to join its globe-spanning eco-Navy. Two 110-foot Island-class fast patrol vessels were decommissioned by the U.S. Coast Guard and subsequently bought up by Sea Shepherd USA. Formerly the Block Islandand Pea ... read more

United States June 8, 2015 -- Huffington Post - United States

Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal Over Anti-Whaling Campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court won't hear an appeal from a radical environmentalist group found in contempt of court for disrupting Japanese whale hunters off the waters of Antarctica.   The justices on Monday let stand a lower court ruling that said the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and found ... read more

United States June 3, 2015 -- Marine Log - United States

Two former USCG Island Class cutters bought by Sea Shepherd

JUNE 3, 2015 — Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has secured two new ships to join what it calls "its international eco-Navy." Sea Shepherd uses direct action tactics to protect marine life, notably targeting the Japanese whaling fleet, sealing and shark finning, and its activities have often been char ... read more

United Kingdom May 21, 2015 -- BBC - United Kingdom

Japan aquariums to stop buying Taiji dolphins

Japan's aquariums have voted to stop acquiring dolphins caught during the controversial annual hunt in the town of Taiji. It comes after the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza) suspended Japan's membership because of the "cruel" way the dolphins are caught. The Taiji hunt has been carried ... read more

United States May 21, 2015 -- CNN - United States

Japan aquariums to stop taking dolphins from annual Taiji hunt

(CNN)Japanese aquariums have narrowly avoided being thrown out of the global industry body by agreeing to stop buying dolphins caught in the controversial Taiji hunt. Graphic images of slaughtered dolphins in red pools of blood attracted worldwide attention when Taiji was featured in the Academy Award-winning 2009 f ... read more

United States May 20, 2015 -- New York Times - United States

Japan Aquariums Say They'll Stop Getting Taiji-Hunt Dolphins

TOKYO — Japan's aquariums have promised to stop acquiring dolphins captured in a bloody hunt that was depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove" and caused global outrage. The move by the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums follows a decision last month by the Swiss-based umbrella  ... read more

United States May 20, 2015 -- Washington Post - United States

Hunts will continue, even after Japanese zoos vote to stop buying captured dolphins

One day after Japan's zoos and aquariums announced that they will no longer buy dolphins captured during an annual hunt that gained international infamy through an Oscar-winning documentary, the mayor of Taiji declared that the traditional fishing village will not stop the annual hunts. “We are hun ... read more

United States May 7, 2015 -- Environment & Energy Publishing - United States

Sea Shepherd tries novel tack in appeal of piracy ruling

The anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd has asked the Supreme Court to weigh a federal appeals court decision that characterized the activists' campaign on the open seas against whale-killing Japanese researchers as piracy. At issue is a long-running effort by the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research to stop Sea Sh ... read more

United States April 30, 2015 -- Fox Business - United States

Japan’s Dolphin Hunt Poses Threat to Olympics

The summer Olympics in Tokyo are five years away, with the games already drawing more sponsorship money than the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But just as China faced uncomfortable attention over its poor human rights record and severe pollution, Japan is also facing growing, global condemnation of its fishermen who conduct  ... read more

United States April 29, 2015 -- Portland Business Journal - United States

Oregon anti-whaling group looks to take case to the Supreme Court

An Oregon-based anti-whaling group wants to overcome a contempt of court ruling that could affect efforts to thwart what it calls "illegal Japanese whale hunts." Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said the case "has dangerous implications for all U.S. businesses operating internationally." ... read more

United States April 24, 2015 -- The Dodo - United States

SeaWorld's New Sea Lion Show Gets Blown To Pieces

Finally SeaWorld has consulted experts before putting together a crowd-pleasing spectacle — only they're experts in Broadway productions, not sea mammals. In addition to building a new [eyesore] set, "We also reach out and get a wealth of information from experts [in] the field," Michael F ... read more

United States April 22, 2015 -- The Guardian - United States

Japanese zoo association suspended by world body over Taiji dolphin hunts

The world’s leading zoo organisation has suspended its Japanese member over its involvement in the controversial dolphin hunts in Taiji. The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza) has suspended the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Jaza) following a unanimous vote by its council. As& ... read more

United States April 13, 2015 -- ABC News - United States

IWC Panel: Japan's Antarctic Whale Hunt Still Not Convincing

          An International Whaling Commission panel said Monday that Japan's revised plan for research whaling in the Antarctic still lacks a convincing explanation of why it needs to kill the mammals. "The current proposal does not demonstrate the need for lethal sampl ... read more

United States March 27, 2015 -- Yahoo - United States

Japan whaling ships return home from Antarctic with no catch

Japanese whaling ships returned home from the Antarctic on Saturday for the first time in nearly 30 years with no catch onboard, after a UN court ordered an end to their annual hunt, local media reported.   The two ships -- the 724-ton Yushinmaru and the 747-ton Daini (No 2) Yushinmaru -- arrived at a port i ... read more

United States March 16, 2015 -- FOX 29 News - United States

FOX Star Works To Save Whales And Dolphins From Hunters

FOX Star Works To Save Whales And Dolphins From Hunters (video)  ... read more

United States February 16, 2015 -- Look to the Stars - United States

Celebrities Attend Sea Shepherd's World Love For Dolphins Day

On the eve of Valentine’s Day 2015, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society held its second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day,” attended by thousands of people at peaceful demonstrations at Japanese embassies and consulates across the United States and overseas, raising their voices in a call fo ... read more

United States February 13, 2015 -- EcoWatch - United States

Thousands to Rally Today Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter for “World Love for Dolphins Day”

Today, thousands of people around the world are joining their voices together in a call for compassion for dolphins being brutally captured and killed in Taiji, Japan. On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day” wi ... read more

United States February 13, 2015 -- Reuters TV - United States

Japan dolphin hunt protest

Japan dolphin hunt protest (video)  ... read more

United States February 12, 2015 -- KTLA - United States

World Love for Dolphins Day

(Please note: “The Cove” is not a Sea Shepherd documentary, as misstated by the reporter, but rather Sea Shepherd’s work is included in the documentary.) Actor, Ross McCall and Senior Cove Guardian Campaign Leader, Melissa Sehgal joined us live to talk about World Love for Dolphins Day. On Frida ... read more

United States February 10, 2015 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Second Annual “World Love for Dolphins Day” Coming This Friday

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Sea Shepherd will be joined by speakers and supporters, both famous and non-famous, for the second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day.” The peaceful demonstrations are in protest against the inhumane capture and slaughtering of dolphins that take place in Tai ... read more

United States February 2, 2015 -- Look to the Stars - United States

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society To Hold Worldwide Protests Against Dolphin Slaughter

On Friday February 13, 2015, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians and supporters around the world will join together for the second annual “World Love for Dolphins Day,” to hold peaceful demonstrations against Taiji, Japan’s brutal capture and slaughter of dolphi ... read more

Costa Rica January 27, 2015 -- The Costa Rica Star - Costa Rica

Sea Shepherd’s Statement on the Jairo Mora Injustice

The following press release on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Jairo Mora Sandoval murder trial was kindly provided to The Costa Rica Star by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. VERDICT ISSUED IN JAIRO MORA CASE: COURT COULD NOT CONDEMN THE MURDERERS, BUT WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE January 27th, 20 ... read more

United States January 5, 2015 -- SPIN - United States

Kate Pierson Stands Up for Sea Turtles in ‘Bring Your Arms’

With a few weeks left to go before her debut solo album surfaces, B-52’s founding member Kate Pierson has unleashed Guitars and Microphones’ second single and lyric video for the environmentalist-minded “Bring Your Arms.” Penned by Chris Braide and Sia&nbs ... read more

United States January 4, 2015 -- New York Daily News - United States

Hollywood mogul Sam Simon dedicates his time and money to fighting those who hurt whales

He’ll leave them blubbering. Even as he fights terminal cancer, Sam Simon, the legendary co-creator of sitcoms such as “Taxi” and “The Simpsons,” is sticking it to those who would hurt wild animals, especially whales. Instead of catering to a laugh track, these days Simon is keeping his  ... read more

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