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Sea Shepherd Celebrates the Birthday of Farley Mowat

May 11, 2012

Farley MowatSea Shepherd Celebrates the Birthday of Canada’s Living Treasure, Farley Mowat, May 12th, 1921

On behalf of all Sea Shepherds across the globe, we would like to wish Farley Mowat a very happy birthday.  Farley’s books Sea of Slaughter and A Whale for The Killing have inspired marine conservationists for decades.  His literary works account for the exploitation of marine creatures large and small.  In Sea of Slaughter, he illustrates the natural history of many marine species, some of which we have already lost to human greed, such as the Great Auk.  He currently serves as the International Chair to Sea Shepherd’s Board of Directors.

For all his wisdom and contributions to marine conservation, we are eternally grateful,

Happy Birthday Farley.

"Happy Birthday to a man who has never let age get in the way of being an effective warrior for nature. I hope there will be many more birthdays Farley and I know you will never stop writing and fighting for justice for our living Earth."

- Captain Paul Watson


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