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Ten Libyan Bluefin Tuna Poaching Boats Detained in France

May 14, 2011

Ten Libyan Bluefin Tuna Poaching Boats Detained in France

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is closely monitoring the ten Libyan-owned, French-flagged fishing vessels confined to the Mediterranean port of Sete with cancelled permits, owned by Libyan companies with links to Lybia’s tyrant ruler Muammar Gaddafi. If any of these vessels manage to depart from the harbor with cancelled fishing permits, Sea Shepherd will be on their tracks to prevent them from illegally catching the highly endangered bluefin tuna.

Sea Shepherd is prepared to intervene against any bluefin tuna operation in the waters off the coast of Libya where all bluefin tuna fishing is now prohibited.

Sea Shepherd asks local supporters in Sete to keep an eye on these vessels and report any suspicious activity such as onboard preparations or if a boat goes missing to local authorities or Sea Shepherd right away. Photos of the ten restricted boats France is detaining are below.

Safa 2
Safa 3
Safa 4


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