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Ady Gil Successfully Departs for Antarctica

December 11, 2009

Ady Gil Successfully Departs for Antarctica

news_091210_2_2_AG_on_wayHobart, Tasmania - Sea Shepherd’s new fast interceptor vessel, Ady Gil, cleared customs on Friday, December 11 at 11:38 AM. The vessel is heading south to convene with Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin for the 6th Whale Defense Campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda to end illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.  Senator Bob Brown and other Sea Shepherd supporters were on hand to wish the Ady Gil speed and success as it departed this morning.

Says Skipper Pete Bethune, “We are honored to join Sea Shepherd on their mission to save whales from the poachers.”

The Ady Gil holds a crew of six and can achieve incredible speed, allowing it to keep up with the whaling fleet and block or intervene as necessary to uphold international conservation laws on behalf of the great whales.

Says Captain Paul Watson, “We are mounting our most ambitious campaign to date with the addition of the Ady Gil to our fleet, and I’m confident that we will end illegal whaling in the Antarctic this year and seriously impact profit for the whalers."



Ady Gil Departing Hobart


Bob and Pete

Credit: Megan Jolley/Sea Shepherd


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